(Minghui.org) In my travels I've met many Falun Dafa practitioners who began practicing before 1999. Naturally we reflect on the progress of Fa-rectification and practitioners’ cultivation state in that area. I discovered a common issue, however. Many practitioners no longer prioritize distributing truth-clarification materials. I was surprised. At first, I thought it was just their misunderstanding. I later realized it wasn't.

Although on the surface it seems they think it's an outdated way to clarify the truth, it is actually due to fear. If distributing materials is really outdated or old fashioned, then why does the Minghui website keep updating the materials, and improving their quality?

These veteran practitioners not only use various excuses to refuse, laugh at, or dislike the idea of distributing truth-clarification materials, some even become angry. I feel this is because of fear. I've observed that they just do the exercises, and study the Fa. They seem to have forgotten that it's our responsibility to save people. Some no longer participate in any truth-clarification projects, instead they criticize the coordinators, and those who produce the materials.

If this was an issue in just one region, I wouldn’t say anything. However, I have noticed that many areas have had this problem for about six years.

Sometimes when I talk to people face to face, they tell me they've received truth-clarification materials in their building or on their doors. These were obviously distributed by other practitioners. I think Master is encouraging me, and Master and righteous gods are helping practitioners save people. But if a practitioner only does the exercises, and studies the Fa for himself without making any effort to save people, then Master has no way to help.

We were entrusted with the honor and privilege of saving the world's people. But if we do nothing, then haven’t we violated the vows we made?

When the persecution first started, we were all frightened when we distributed truth-clarification materials. After we became comfortable with it and our fear lessened, the city began installing security gates, thus increasing our challenges. After we conquered this difficulty, they invented video surveillance.

The Minghui website provides us with many channels to clarify the truth, such as telephones, MMS, CD-ROM videos, truth-clarification websites, and emails. As long as we have the wish to save people, we can use any method.

Giving people truth-clarification materials is still very important. It's difficult to fully explain the truth and completely erase the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) indoctrination in a few sentences. So, after we help people quit the CCP and its youth associations, it's necessary to deepen their understanding by giving them something to read or videos.

The Fa-rectification period is almost over, and it's begun to manifest in the human world. The whole world is against the CCP. Isn’t it time for us to save sentient beings?

Of course we need to study the Fa more diligently. I see practitioners in many regions intensively reading Zhuan Falun, but they no longer think it's important to study Master's other recent teachings. Some even compete with each other to see who can read Zhuan Falun in one day. They only pay attention to improving their own cultivation levels, and think it's useless to save people or to study Master's recent teachings.

We have discussed this problem several times, but have so far found no improvement. Some do not listen at all, thinking their understanding is correct. The future universe is selfless, and cultivators can't reach the requirements of the new universe by doing things simply to improve themselves. If we can't apply the teachings to our most important task—to save sentient beings, which is required by Master, then does it matter how much Fa we've studied?