(Minghui.org) I'm an illiterate woman who grew up in China's countryside. I would like to share some extraordinary experiences I've had in my life and in Falun Dafa cultivation.

Falun Dafa, also known as Falun Gong, is a mind-body spiritual discipline based on the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. It was introduced to the public by Master Li Hongzhi in 1992. The Chinese communist regime began to persecute the practice in July 1999 due to its growing popularity.

Miserable Childhood

I was born in a poor rural family in China. My mom gave birth to seven girls before she finally had a boy. My father became ill when he was in his 30s and started to vomit blood. Girls were not valued in our area in those days, and being one of the seven girls in the family, I was viewed as a burden.

When I caught smallpox at the age of two, my mom once dumped me in a bamboo grove. I was also left on the edge of a pigsty one night and fell into the pen when I moved. Maybe I was not meant to die–I was found unharmed by neighbors both times and sent back to my family.

When I grew a bit bigger, I had to get up before dawn every morning to pick cinder, gather grass for the pigs or collect firewood. There were always endless chores to do.

Unhappy Marriage

I got married in my 20s, but my miserable life continued. My husband grew up as an orphan, and he showed little care about others or our family. He got a job in a factory but gave me very little money to keep the family going. When we quarreled, he often left home for weeks, leaving me struggling on my own. I had to do all the heavy farm work even when I was in an advanced stage of pregnancy.

Life was really hard for me, and a day felt like a year. I tried to kill myself three times. I hanged myself on a tree branch, but it broke and I survived. I jumped into a river but was washed up to the bank. I drank a bottle of pesticide, but I still didn't die and woke up a few days later.

As soon as I regained my consciousness, I saw a white-bearded Taoist master, who said to me, “You tried to kill yourself three times, and I saved your life each time. You must not die because you still have important things to do.”

Only after I started cultivation in Dafa did I realize that Master had taken care of me all along. I would have died a number of times if not for Master's kindness and compassion.

How I Found Dafa

When I was walking past a park in early 1999, I saw a group of people sitting in meditation. I was attracted to them by the beautiful exercise music. One of them asked me if I wanted to join them. I said yes and sat down to meditate with them.

I told my husband about it when I got back home and encouraged him to take up the practice as well. I went to the practice site again the next day to learn the exercises, and that's how I started cultivating in Dafa.

As I had never attended school, I could not read or write. So I listened to Master's Fa lectures and went to our local Fa-study group to listen to others read the book Zhuan Falun.

I felt so happy, and my life began to turn brighter. I stopped complaining about the hardships I suffered, and for the first time in my life, I started to smile from the bottom of my heart.

Extraordinary Experiences

When I first went to the practice site, I could see that the whole site was covered by a layer of red radiance, on top of which was a big Falun. I told others about what I saw, and they all said that I had good inborn quality and encouraged me to cultivate well in Dafa.

We used to live in a one-story house, around which I grew some green beans. Once I climbed up the roof to pick up some beans from the vines. The eaves collapsed, and I fell down hard to the ground and passed out. Nobody saw me, and I lay there for over forty minutes before I regained consciousness. I had pain all over my body, especially around my back. I felt nauseous and was in great discomfort. Then I thought: I have Master protecting me and have Dafa in my heart. I will be alright.

I said to Master tearfully: “Master, I cannot just lie here like this. I want to study the Fa, do the exercises and tell others about Dafa. Please help fix my back.”

Three or four days passed. One morning, I saw that my house was filled with red radiance. I could also hear a rumbling sound. From a distance, Master was coming toward me, sitting on a big lotus flower.

I was so excited and greeted Master. Master said to me kindly, “Lie down on your belly.” “But I can't,” I said. Then Master pressed my back gently with his hand and said to me, “Now, stand up.” With these words, Master moved away from me and sat on a chair opposite me. I gave it a go, and indeed I stood up with no problem. My back was back to normal!

Master's Protection and the Power of Righteous Thoughts

After the persecution started, members from our neighborhood committee often harassed the practitioner who offered us her place for group Fa-study. She became a little scared and wanted to stop the group Fa-study and to go away for a while.

“Don't be afraid,” I said to her, “Master is protecting us.” In fact, during that period of time, each time we had group Fa study, I could see Master sitting above us nearby. I knew that Master was giving us a hint that we should not be afraid because he was protecting us. With strong faith in Master, we have continued our group Fa-study to date.

At the group Fa-study, Master also hinted me a number of times to pay attention to cell phone security. When I checked, I found that there was indeed a fellow practitioner who had her cell phone with her. I told her not to bring her cell phone to the group Fa-study for safety reasons, but she insisted that she had to have her phone with her.

Later, this practitioner and another practitioner were arrested because the police tracked them down through a mobile phone tracking device. I wept when I heard the news, as I felt I had failed to remind the fellow practitioners properly even though Master had dropped hints to me numerous times.

One evening, I went out to distribute truth-clarification materials and bumped into a group of plainclothes police. I squatted behind a rock and called out: “Master!” Then, an old man appeared. He walked towards the police and started ticking them off. I took the opportunity and left.

As I was walking, I got lost. So I called out to Master for help again. Then I saw a spot of red light in front. I could also hear a ringing sound. It would stop when I was busy with what I was doing, but start to ring again when I finished. The light guided me and disappeared when I was close to home.

On another occasion, I ran into a few plainclothes officers when I was carrying a bag of truth-clarification calendars to hand out. I called out to Master to strengthen me. Suddenly, a couple of ladies appeared in front of me and started talking to me like old friends, “Don't hand them out. Go back now!” I had no idea who they were, but I knew it was Master who was protecting me.

Market Manager Changed His Attitude Toward Falun Gong

There is a market manager in our area who had been brainwashed by the lies of the CCP and reported practitioners to police several times.

Once, a fellow practitioner and I ran into him at the market. The practitioner asked me if I was brave enough to clarify the truth to him. I didn't think much and walked straight up to him. I grabbed his arm and said, “Hello, please come with me. I have something to tell you.”

He got startled and said, “How dare you! Let go of my arm!” I said to him with kindness and sincerity, “Please do not report on Falun Gong practitioners anymore. You need to consider the future of your family and your grandchildren. Falun Dafa is Buddha Fa. You don't know how big a sin you have committed by reporting Dafa cultivators!” Tears started to run down my face as I talked.

He seemed to have awakened to something and said quietly, “But this is my job.” I went on and said, “Yes, it may be your job, but if you stop reporting on practitioners, you will save yourself and your family.” I then gave him a periodical and said to him, “This is something very precious, worth tons of gold.”

Since then, he has shown a big change in his attitude toward practitioners. When he saw us handing out materials, he would smile and turn around. Sometimes he also told me to be careful because they had some new management staff.

Even More Extraordinary Experiences

One day in town, a fellow practitioner was stopped by someone who had been deceived by the CCP's propaganda. He was also swearing at the practitioner. I immediately called out to Master to strengthen us. I recited the verses for sending forth righteous thoughts, then walked over and said to the man, “Be quiet. Freeze!” Indeed, he stood there in silence. I told the fellow practitioner to leave quickly. When the practitioner thanked me, I said to her, “Don't thank me. All these abilities were given to us by Master.”

When I looked back, the man was still standing there. So I said to him, “You can go now.” He left quietly.

I have had many other miraculous experiences. For example, when I first started cultivation in Dafa, I often had diarrhea due to chronic enteritis. Master rotated his hands three times in front of my abdomen, and I never had any pain or diarrhea again. Master also cleansed my body and removed many worms from inside.

Once, Master also showed me how he stretched out his big and transparent arm and pulled us up from hell with a net bigger than a house.

No words are ever sufficient to express Master's boundless compassion. I owe all I have to Master. I will always listen to what Master says and save more people as a tiny token to show my immense gratitude to our revered Master.