(Minghui.org) My mother and I took my father to the county hospital in July 2018. After my father underwent tests, the doctor said, “Your father has liver poisoning, and his illness is more difficult to treat than cancer. Approximately ten people throughout the country are diagnosed with this every year. None of them are cured. This is a terminal illness. He has only about two months to live.”

My mother and I were shocked. We took my father to a better hospital for another diagnosis, but the result was the same. Feeling hopeless, we returned home.

My father is 68 years old. In June 2018 he began losing his appetite, and within a month he lost more than 30 pounds and became very weak.

We're farmers and we usually don't go to doctors unless someone is seriously ill. Concerned over my father's rapidly deteriorating condition, my mother and I took him to the county hospital. His gallbladder was enlarged with accumulated fluid, but the doctor could not find the cause. After he was hospitalized for two weeks, the doctor determined that his liver poisoning was caused by an herb my father had been taking.

My father had been taking Chinese herbal medicines to treat his herniated lumbar disc. After he saw a TV advertisement promoting a certain herb he thought that it could help. Without consulting a doctor, he added the herb to the other herbs he was already taking. Drinking the herbal concoction for two months caused his liver poisoning.

My mother and I are both Falun Dafa practitioners. I told my mother, “The hospital cannot treat Dad's illness. Only Master can help him.”

So my mother and I sent righteous thoughts every day to remove all the negative factors that were persecuting my father's body. We also asked him to say, “Falun Dafa is good. Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.”

Gradually he became able to eat, and his strength returned. After his complexion became normal and his weight began increasing we knew he was recovering.

One month later, we took him back to the county hospital for a check up. The tests showed that everything was normal. The doctor who was certain that my father would live for only two months kept repeatedly reviewing the diagnostic report, and then declared, “This is incredible! It's a miracle!”

My mother happily told him, “Believing in the power of Falun Dafa saved my husband!”

We truly appreciate Master for giving my father a second life!