by a Falun Dafa practitioner in Beijing

Outside the window are bird chirping,amid the plum flowers in blossom;As New Year approaches I miss Master,gratitude beyond words over my heart's bottom.

Lost in the maze and suffering over reincarnations,I fought for fame and interest, creating karma everywhere;Attached to sentimentality and unable to find a path out,plagued by illnesses I cried in despair.

Buddha light illuminating the Land of Divine,Master brought Falun Dafa to offer salvation;Tens of millions regained health and uplifted minds,we embarked on a journey back to the origin.

Falun revolves adjusting our bodies,thousands of energy mechanisms aid the cultivation;Principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance guiding our xinxing,Master cares for us with patience and compassion.

Massive suppression continues for nearly 20 years,leaving practitioners detained and tortured for their belief;Master painstakingly endures on behalf of practitioners,eliminating the viciousness, he is busy with no relief.

Over 200-thousand joined to sue Jiang for the persecution,more than 300-million severed ties with the communist regime;Staying away from the red dragon becomes a global trend,quitting is a widespread theme.

Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance rectifies the world,nurturing heaven, earth, and people happy thereafter;Sentient beings saved with a fresh look,Dafa disciples return with Master.

Master has sacrificed tremendously for us,we practitioners long to return;With sincere gratitude wholeheartedly,we shall remain diligent, leaving Master with less concern.

Journey of Return

By a practitioner in Chongqing

Once upon a time high above,with Master we made a vow;Leaving behind the holiness and dignity,we descended to this earthly world with mission endowed.

Falun Dafa spreads around the world,improving health and cleansing minds for tens of millions;We practitioner cherish the unprecedented opportunity,with sentient beings saved, we return to the origin.