(Minghui.org) In the past, when I was still in China, the people I clarified the truth to were usually classmates, colleagues, partners, and taxi drivers. So, even when they rejected what I said, they were usually rather restrained and polite.

Now I am no longer in China, but most of the people I explain Falun Dafa to are from there. I am trying so hard to save my fellow Chinese, even when I am often disappointed by their uncouth and impolite behavior. I am sometimes met with supercilious looks and verbal abuse. They have even thrown the brochures on the ground in front of me. It used to be very hard for me to face them with compassion. Sometimes I even thought, “If you don’t quit the Chinese Communist Party now, let’s see what you do in the future when calamity strikes.”

I knew that having such thoughts was not the behavior of a Falun Dafa practitioner. I also knew that I was here to save lives, but I did not know how to achieve a “compassionate” heart. In my heart, I felt helpless and anxious about having such an attitude.

That situation continued until one afternoon I had a dream. I had taken a nap just before going out to talk to people about Falun Dafa and dreamed that I was sitting in the meditation position on the front deck of a very large ship. The front of the ship looked like a space shuttle and it was green, similar to the green in a Shen Yun poster, only slightly darker. The color set off the perfection of the rest of the ship and made it look very sacred. While I sat in meditation on the deck, there were countless practitioners behind me. In my heart I felt that Master was also present.

Everybody was looking at the surface of the water, which looked murky and dirty. All sorts of living beings were swimming around trying to jump out. Every one of them looked like they were raising a hand in the hope that we would help them get out of the water. The people looked very dirty and dark and I couldn't see clearly what was happening. In my heart, I seemed a bit unhappy, but deep down I had a persistent and sacred feeling that this was the path I had to take.

Just then, the boat began to slowly descend. As the deck got closer to the water I was a bit anxious, but just like the countless practitioners behind me, we all seemed to be waiting for this moment. Everyone looked solemn and serious, and a sense of mission lingered in the air.

Everybody was ready to enter the water, and no one was afraid. I wasn't, either, but I wondered, “Will I suffocate when I enter the water? It is so dirty…” Just then, the ship quickly submerged, and the next thing I saw was the chandelier on my ceiling when I woke up.

No words can describe how stunned I was. In that instant, however, I understood that we Dafa practitioners came here on a mission. We came from very high levels, descending through many levels to enter into the murky and dirty sentient world to save the many living beings here.

Although these beings have already turned ugly and they do not behave appropriately and are even uncouth, it is so sad that they are mesmerized by this filthy world. People hold onto these dirty things and forget where their true home is. Come to think of it, they are totally destroying themselves and ultimately failing to honor the oath they made so long ago. Suddenly, I had a strong urge to cry.

Comprehending all that, I felt that a very thick layer or shell was removed from me. This dream that Master sent me led me to truly understand the great mission that I have to fulfill. I need to go forward and fulfill my mission. From that day on, I was no longer bothered if the Chinese tourists were dressed inappropriately or if their words or behavior were unkind. I want to give every tourist that passes me a chance to choose, so that they won't have come to this world in vain.

I would like to recall Master’s words from two lectures for mutual encouragement so that we can do better at clarifying the truth:

“But the expectation for you, as a Dafa disciple, is that you still try your utmost to do well and fulfill your historic mission; and saving lives is something you have to do. Let me make it clear: saving lives is extremely important, and you must work on it.” (“Fa Teaching Given at the New York Fa Conference Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of Dafa’s Spreading”)

“When someone is placed before you, there isn’t a choice—you’re wrong if you become selective in terms of saving people. As long as he is someone you run into, you should save him, regardless of his position or social status, or whether he be the president or a beggar.” (“What is a Dafa Disciple,” Collected Fa Teachings, Vol. XI)