(Minghui.org) I had good grades in high school. My teachers all thought highly of me and provided me with many opportunities to develop and demonstrate my talents and abilities.

I was the announcer for my high school's radio broadcast program. After graduation, I was admitted to a prestigious university that ranked number one in my field of study. I became the hostess for various student club activities and some official university ceremonies. Many classmates, friends, and professors entrusted me with composing and editing their speeches and poetry recitals.

My friends all think I have a blessed life but few of them know that I was not born with such good fortune. There was little happiness in my childhood until, at the age of eight, my destiny was altered once and for all.

From Misery to Cultivation

I was born in a small rural town. The best part of my childhood was being outdoors. Once I got home, I was met with a rather suppressing scene. My parents were among a group of rowdy people who gambled and played Mahjong. The home was filled with unpleasant noise and cigarette smoke.

Ever since I can remember, my parents had been addicted to gambling. I watched them playing so often that I gradually became familiar with the rules of some of the games. As they played well past midnight, I would fall asleep on the sofa next to their game table. One night I woke up with no one at home, I was scared and rushed out to look for my parents. The bright moonlight calmed me down. I said to myself, “If I go find them now, they would surely beat me and I would go home alone anyway.” So I decided to hold back my fear of being alone and went home. I knew at the time I made a wise decision.

My parents quarreled with each other constantly, sometimes even resorting to violence. My dad was sick and had a dissatisfying job.

Fortunately, all the nightmare came to an end when I was eight. With our relatives' persuasion, my family started to practice Falun Dafa.

My parents quit gambling and stopped fighting. Most surprisingly, my dad's illness that could not be cured disappeared. Happiness filled my family. Every morning, my parents got up early to do the exercises; then made breakfast for me, and send me off to school. After supper, we would go to a fellow practitioner's home to join the group study. On weekends, we participated in the large scale group practice in the central town square. I had never even dreamed of leaving misery and attaining happiness prior to our practicing Dafa.

Practicing Dafa also gave me wisdom. I used to be a mediocre student in middle school. Now, I ranked on top in almost every exam. One of our neighbors told my parents, “Look at your kid's excellent grades since she started practicing Falun Dafa. I will have my kid follow suit as well.”

Remaining Steadfast Despite Ordeal

After the persecution started in 1999, my parents went to Beijing to petition for the right to practice Dafa, and were arrested. They were later taken to a brainwashing center and labor camp.

When I was 10 years old, I saw a group of policemen ransacking our home and my mom being restrained when I came home from school. I was about to cry, but on a second thought I knew, as a little Dafa disciple, I must not let others look down upon me. So I held back my tears and just watched them. Later, the police mentioned my behavior to other people, praising my calmness and fearlessness despite what was going on.

After my parents were arrested, I went to stay with a relative who was also a practitioner. Around three a.m. one day, we were awakened by loud knocks on the door. Soon a group of police officers barged in and started to search the home. I stood in shock in a corner. I looked out the window and thought, “Life is so hard!”

Then, the police approached the corner where I was standing and ordered me to get out of their way, I noticed a shred of sorrow on one of the officers' face. He seemed sympathetic to my situation, but helpless. I could still recall the look on his face after many years. He made me realize that some of the officers were good people at heart.

The next day was the final exam for that semester. I did well and ranked number one again. My teachers were impressed and praised me for it.

After my relative was arrested, I went on to live with another relative. One day, my relative told me, “Your dad has been sentenced to forced labor and will be transferred in two days.” I was too young and thought they would drag my dad through the streets to humiliate him. I was not aware where my mom was being detained. The only thought in my mind was, “My life is over.” I was agonized and very pessimistic. However, Master's care and guidance helped me through that harrowing part of my life.

A relative from out of town heard about my situation and took me in. I had the opportunity to transfer to a new school that was one of the best in town. My class was at the top level in my grade. Most of my classmates were from wealthy families and enjoyed comfortable lives.

My previous scholastic level was no match for the new competitive environment. I scored 30 out of 100 on my first English exam. However, after a year, I excelled again and ranked among the top in my class.

One day a few of my classmates looked through my notebook where I'd written my father's contact information in the labor camp. Initially, I was worried that they would look down upon me. But then I thought, “My dad did not do anything wrong. He is being persecuted for his belief in Falun Dafa. Why am I embarrassed for it?” And I planned to tell them the actual situation of my dad in case they asked. To my surprise, they never did. Instead, they became more respectful towards me.

Over the years I managed to keep a small Falun emblem badge in my pencil box. Once in a while I would take it out to look at it and touch it when nobody else was around.

After my parents were released, although our family was under constant harassment by the local authorities, our lives were meaningful because of Dafa.

Defending Dafa in Class

My high school politics teacher kept slandering Dafa, following the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) propaganda and fabricated lies. It was painful for me to stand by and do nothing. I knew that I had benefited from Dafa, and I ought to defend Dafa, but I lacked the courage.

I read a lot of the Fa and tried to gather my righteous thoughts in preparation for speaking up in the politics class. I knew that my parents were just released from detention and their cultivation state was not as stable. So, I did not tell them of my plan, to avoid their opposition and interference.

After several days of Fa study, I had strengthened my righteous thoughts and developed sufficient courage. The next time my politics teacher slandered Dafa in class. I told her that what she said was not the truth. I then continued to talk in front of her and over 70 classmates about Falun Dafa, including the truth behind the self-immolation and how Dafa taught people to be good.

My teacher said, “I don't know what the consequences might be for a high school student. But in college you would be summoned for a serious talk with the authorities and even be expelled if you practiced Falun Dafa.”

“I know,” I said, “I know. My parents suffered multiple times from the persecution already. There is even someone from our local region who was persecuted to death just for practicing Falun Dafa.” Upon hearing this, my teacher's tone softened, “You don't need to continue. I will no longer mention Dafa during class.”

My mind was excited as I sat down and tears covered my face. I saw a sacred scene: many gods watching me from above and many celestial fairy ladies spreading flowers in the air.

Afterwards, nobody caused any trouble for me or slandered Dafa when I was around. All my teachers learned that I was a practitioner. Still, they thought highly of me and treated me with respect.

A year later, I told my parents about the incident. They were both very pleased and proud of me.

I also learned from a classmate's mother that her daughter was shocked by what I had said that day about the persecution of Falun Dafa. She was not aware of the lies repeated on television by the authorities. This mother also told me that what I did that day had a very big, positive influence on her daughter.

At graduation, a classmate of mine who was not a close friend wrote in my yearbook that she was amazed by the courage I displayed as a seemingly weak and soft-spoken girl and that she admired me for it.

Master Looked Out for Me

However, in my senior year of high school, my mom was arrested again while my dad was working out of town to make a living.

I went to visit my mom in detention on a holiday. I carried a large and heavy backpack filled with food that our relatives had prepared for her. It was a long ride, with several transfers to other buses.

I did not know where the bus terminal was and asked some taxi drivers for direction. They tried to talk me into taking their taxi. I considered taking a taxi, because my bag was really heavy and riding the taxi meant much less walking for me. They promised to just accept what I could afford. I thought that this was not considerate of them and declined their offer.

I found out later that those people were underground unlicensed taxi drivers. It also occurred to me afterwards that their behavior was strange toward a teenager. They could have meant harm to me on the road had I taken their vehicle. I knew Master was looking out for me each and every step.

Dealing with Tribulation

The college entrance exam was of paramount importance to many graduating high school students and their parents, as a good college education could make all the difference in their lives.

I too was eager to score well on my college entrance exam. However, my cultivation state was poor, as I was attached to fame and personal gain. Under the pressure of the upcoming exam, my relationships with friends deteriorated and they became antagonistic for no obvious reason. All the negativeness made me too restless to focus on my study and my performance on the several mock exams kept deteriorating.

Despite all the hardships and suffering, whenever I opened Zhuan Falun and quietly read for a few minutes, I would feel relieved and energized, my mind opened up and was filled with a positive optimism.

Hearing that my mock exam scores were unsatisfactory, my dad and other relatives did not blame me. Every time Dad came home, he cooked gourmet food for me and tried to alleviate my pressure through heart-to-heart talks. It was a tremendous help to me.

Through Fa study, I gradually came to understand that it was a student's responsibility to study well, but one should not get attached to getting into a prestigious college. Whenever I felt the pressure, I would recall Master's Fa to cope with it. Little by little, my mind was broadened and my heart had a bigger capacity. On the day of the exam, I was no longer anxious or nervous. I walked into the exam room with ease and feeling relaxed. A teacher who was standing at the entrance to greet the examinees smiled at me and said, “Look at you, not nervous at all. Great mental preparation!”

Sitting down in my seat, I first sent righteous thoughts and asked Master for strengthening and empowerment. Upon getting the exam sheet, I spent a few minutes going quickly over it, and then started to answer each question. The math questions were believed by my teachers to be extraordinarily hard that year but my score turned out to be exceptionally good. My total score for all subjects was almost 650, which to my teachers' surprise was higher than my mock exams by over 40 points. I was fortunate to be admitted to a great university.

Many believed that it was Master who gave me the wisdom so I could achieve the amazing performance and result. They felt especially happy for me, as I did it while my mom was detained and my dad was working out of town.

Master told us,

“When people show the appropriate respect and reverence toward Dafa as it manifests here in this world, they, their race, or their nation will enjoy blessings or honor.” (“On Dafa,” Essentials For Further Advancement)

I know that my blessings came from Master and Dafa. My happiness is a result of my firm belief in Dafa and my courage to speak out on behalf of Dafa, despite the overwhelming persecution, propaganda, and hardships.