(Minghui.org) I know several practitioners who have suffered from sickness karma, and all of them are veteran practitioners who began practicing Falun Dafa before July 20, 1999. From the perspective of everyday people, they were in danger. After I talked to them, I found they had issues in their cultivation states.

Life Must be Rooted in the Fa

One practitioner used to be by Teacher’s side in his early years of teaching Falun Dafa. He witnessed many divine miracles when Teacher spread the Fa, and his attitude toward the Fa was solid.

The sickness karma appeared to be serious, as his whole body was swollen. Doctors removed over 10 liters of liquid from his body.

During our sharing, he kept talking about what he experienced when Teacher spread the Fa and how well Teacher treated him. He did not talk about his understanding of the Fa and how he has elevated. He was still immersed in the state of the early years and hadn’t caught up with Fa-rectification.

The practitioner said that when he was in the middle of a tribulation, he could see that he was being beaten by two demons wearing masks. They ran away after the beating. He was then surrounded by three other demons. In another dimension, they removed two of his big tendons and threw him to the ground. He was badly beaten. “They were very vicious,” the practitioner mumbled.

I asked him if he had called out for Teacher, sent righteous thoughts, or recited the Fa. He said when he was scared, he forgot everything. He said he knew that his time had come, that the last few days seemed to be more like a catastrophe than a tribulation.

One of the practitioners who went to visit him recited some of Teacher' poems:

“Should you have fear,it will seize upon youIf thoughts are righteous,evil will collapseThe cultivator’s mindis loaded with FaSend righteous thoughts,and rotten demons explodeGods walk the earth,validating the Fa” (“What’s to Fear?” from Hong Yin, Volume II)

“A Great Enlightened One fears no hardshipHaving forged an adamantine willFree of attachment to living or dyingHe walks the path of Fa-rectification confident and poised” (“Righteous Thoughts Righteous Actions” from Hong Yin, Volume II)

“Swift like lightning, soaring to cosmic heightsMighty like a thunderbolt, reaching beyond heavensSweeping across the cosmos, no place untouchedEliminating altogether all that’s decayed and deviant” (“Righteous Thoughts” from Hong Yin, Volume IV)

The practitioner became very quiet. As he could sense the energy from the Fa, he urgently wanted to study the Fa. We advised that he study the Fa more and listen to recorded Fa-rectification experience-sharing stories from Minghui. This would enable him to improve and elevate his realm.

When a life is not rooted in the Fa, demons will certainly appear to be big from an ordinary person’s perspective and could take away one’s life.

Interference by the Old Forces

Another practitioner printed and bound Dafa books and created truth-clarification materials. His symptoms were very severe, and the hospital diagnosed him with lymphoma. His body was swollen. But he regained his righteous thoughts and was able to look inward. He said he would not hurt Dafa’s reputation. He recovered quickly and was able to return home after ten days.

I visited him, and he was chatting with a visitor who was not a practitioner. In another dimension, I saw that he was sitting inside an unrighteous field. There were many different demons arranged by the old forces. The practitioner didn’t realize how dangerous it was and was somewhat satisfied sitting in a low-level space.

In his bedroom was a plaque hanging on the wall that read, “The Buddha Light Illuminates Everywhere”. Using my supernormal ability, I saw it was not something from the Fa because it didn’t have the strong Fa elements. The practitioner said he had bought the plaque at a market and placed it where the police had removed Teacher’s image when they ransacked his house.

I was stunned and thought this was disrespectful to Teacher and the Fa. As we talked more, the practitioner realized that he had done some more things that were disrespectful of Teacher and the Fa. In addition, he had some issues with not following a second cultivation way, as he liked discussing the Book of Changes (I Ching) and the Eight Trigrams (Bagua).

When I was doing the exercises the next day, Teacher gave me some hints. The plaque in this dimension was a window for the old forces in another dimension. Through this window, evil substances were emitted into the practitioner’s room. As he had attachments, he couldn’t differentiate righteous from evil, so he was moving away from Dafa.

On the surface, he had an incorrect understanding about sending righteous thoughts when assisting Teacher to rectify the Fa. For a long period of time, he didn’t pay attention to sending righteous thoughts and did it only when he felt like it. Some pages in the Dafa books that he put together had become illegible, and the binding was not done properly.

I could see that the old forces had made careful plans for this practitioner’s wife and daughter. Their interference seriously affected him and caused a big tribulation for him. This was a serious lesson to be learned.

Walking the Righteous Path Arranged by Teacher

A practitioner who was a local coordinating team member got out of prison due to his strong righteous thoughts, which he developed through diligent Fa study and commitment to doing the exercises.

Recently, he had symptoms of diabetes, and his feet became severely swollen. He persisted for more than ten days, but then his mind became unsettled. His sickness karma worsened. He had breathing problems and lost consciousness. His family took him to the hospital. In my realm, I saw that in his space everything was pitch black.

Practitioners sent righteous thoughts and shared with him about unconditionally looking inside for shortcomings. Then, the practitioner awoke. I saw that his world became clear and that no damage had been done to his body. The doctor told him that he could go home.

But, as is often the case when things like this happen, the practitioner didn’t have a righteous mind to immediately eliminate the old forces’ arrangements. He had a different understanding of what Teacher said:

“I think that when newer practitioners, or those who haven’t managed to improve in their cultivation for a long time, are dealing with a sickness-karma test, sometimes it’s fine for them to see a doctor. It’s fine for them to go to the hospital.” (“2018 Fa Teaching Given in Washington, D.C.”)

He depended heavily on doctors, hoping to settle issues with his physical body at the hospital before going home. Whenever he thought like this, his first symptoms were a fever, swelling and a lack of strength. He even had a minor operation. When he relied on doctors to cure him, a practitioner saw in another dimension that it was a veterinarian that was operating on him.

After we communicated with his family and friends, we realized that he did not genuinely cultivate. Especially in recent times, he looked outward and had a lot of resentment. At home, he wasn't conducting himself using the Fa's standards. He had a negative impact on family members of practitioners who had been wavering. All these caused interference.

Once when I sent righteous thoughts for this practitioner, I saw that this tribulation was arranged by the old forces in one of his previous lives. They made an arrangement that his sister, who is also a practitioner, didn't look at things to do with her brother with a righteous mind but instead used ordinary people's sentimentality. This created more problems in his cultivation.

He was so heavily influenced by his sister that he forgot why he cultivated. His sister's space was dark, yet strong. The practitioner was surrounded by his sister's dark space and didn't know what to do. In this dimension, he showed an attitude of being unwilling to listen to any suggestions. He also wanted to discuss things with his sister first instead of conducting himself according to the standard of the Fa. He did not walk the righteous path arranged by Teacher.

One Thought Differentiates Human from God

I also experienced sickness karma in 2015. I was busy with ordinary work and under a lot of pressure. I didn't genuinely cultivate, conduct myself by the standards of a practitioner, or do the three things well that practitioners should do.

Ordinary people's diagnoses said I had low blood pressure, as well as high blood pressure and rapid heartbeats. I always felt out of breath. My face was dark, and it felt as if my body had reached its limit.

I became unstable and scared, so I took medicine and went for a check-up at the hospital. But nothing seemed to work. In another dimension, I could see that the karma owed from previous lives was too much. I thought, “That's it. For sure I'll die.” I didn't dare close my eyes for fear that I wouldn't wake up. Scary substances were all around me, and I needed someone by my side when I went to sleep at night.

One day a practitioner came to share her understandings with me. We talked about life and death, and she said only when we let go life and death can we pass the tribulation. Gradually, I became a little clearer. I ran along the street and shouted with all my strength: “Falun Dafa is good! Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance is good!” My energy and strength came back.

At night I knelt in front of Teacher's picture and said I was sorry for wasting Teacher's efforts. I said I must consummate in the Fa and would no longer measure my blood pressure or go to a hospital. Then, I tossed all the medicines and medical devices in the garbage. Mighty Teacher and mighty Buddha Law helped me move from the realm of a human to that of a God. From that day on, I have been fully healthy.

Let Go of Human Desires, Treasure this Opportunity

Every day I try my best to do the three things. I print truth-clarification materials, distribute them, and recite the Fa. My cultivation state is improving. I really feel life is so extraordinary after improving in cultivation.

Teacher unlocked many supernormal abilities for me, and I found that the so-called sickness karma experienced before was a manifestation of energy and supernormal abilities. I saw when I was short of breath that it was a manifestation of entering tranquility and the ability to freeze one’s body. It's amazing.

As we are approaching the last stage of Fa-rectification, the evil persecution has changed, and sickness karma seems to appear more often. But sickness karma is not caused by a simple, single factor. It is largely due to the gaps in our cultivation that allow the old forces to sneak in. When we cannot validate Dafa, we don't reach the standard of a true cultivator.

I understand that if Teacher didn't shoulder the suffering for us, we would not be able to live. It's like what the practitioner who thought he had diabetes said–if Teacher didn't bear the suffering for him, he would indeed have diabetes. But when you truly believe in Teacher and the Fa, the illness will not appear. When a practitioner can't keep his mind straight and his human heart is moved, danger will appear almost immediately.

What kind of a place is a hospital? It's for ordinary people who go through the stages of birth-aging-sickness-death. When a big tribulation comes, the question is how to recognize it based on the Fa, let go of life and death, and show that one is Teacher's true disciple. It's the true manifestation of genuine cultivation.

Fa-rectification is surging ahead in full force, and the evil elements that are persecuting Dafa disciples have diminished. All Dafa disciples who truly cultivate need to strive forward as Teacher describes: “Could any difficulty stop the holy one?” (“Journey Via The Way” from Hong Yin, Volume II)

Those whose human hearts still linger and stop you from harmonizing with the Fa, please let go of the human desires and treasure this opportunity. Don't leave any regrets.