(Minghui.org) Ms. Tang Zhongzhen was illegally sentenced to two years in prison for practicing Falun Dafa. Over the past year, she has been forced into brainwashing, given addictive drugs that have damaged her mentally and physically, and been repeatedly beaten.

Ms. Tang was taken to Tianjin Women's Prison in November 2017. Guards there humiliated her by cutting her hair in a messy way, dressing her in oversized clothes, and throwing things in the toilet to make her pick them up. She was forced to labor for 12 hours each day.

Ms. Tang was also forced to watch propaganda videos slandering Falun Dafa for two hours every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. She was required to take notes and write “thought reports” in addition to a quarterly article denouncing her faith.

Practitioners in this prison are frequently forced to make such denunciations during videotaped meetings. Ms. Tang once refused to be videotaped. As punishment, a death-row inmate forced her to stand for a long period of time. Her sheet and blanket were also taken away, forcing her to sleep on the bare bed.

Whenever she refused to write a report, she was forced to stand or to remain crouched for a long time. Inmates also kicked her and pulled her hair out.

When Ms. Tang once tore up propaganda materials, an inmate threw her to the ground. Her head hit the floor and became swollen. The inmate then scratched her across the face, leaving a scar.

Unknown Drugs

Ms. Tang was forcibly given nerve-damaging drugs and subsequently became mentally disordered. At times she felt suspicious, fearful, or anxious. She lost her appetite and the ability to sleep once the authorities stopped giving her the pills. She then had to endure the excruciating withdrawal effects.

The drugs varied over time, although the label on the package stayed the same. At times she felt bloated, had stomachaches, and was constipated for days after being given the pills. She could eat only half a bowl of rice—any more would cause her to vomit. She continually had mucus in her throat and white sediment in her urine.

Ms. Tang eventually slipped into a daze. Another imprisoned practitioner observed this and tried to help her, arguing with inmates until she herself was forcibly given an unknown drug that caused her to pass out. Her body became stiff, she felt chilly, and she could not move. She was taken to a hospital. One week later, her facial muscles seemed to be paralyzed.

Ms. Tang resisted the drugs when she finally felt that she could not take it anymore. She was beaten and kicked as a result. The cell leader pinched her nipples, slapped her across the face, and pulled her hair, stopping only when other imprisoned practitioners intervened.

Ms. Tang was told to sign a list of drugs she had been given, as well as a document stating that she had not been physically or verbally abused.