(Minghui.org) I’m in my 70s and have practiced Falun Dafa for over 20 years.

During the year I was detained, there were ten people in my cell in the detention center: two Dafa practitioners, three inmates convicted of financial crimes, three thieves, one deaf person, and one drug dealer. The other practitioner and I often clarified the truth to the others and shared Dafa principles with them.

Every morning, we taught them to do the exercises. We also taught them Master’s poems, using toothpaste to write on the bed. The older thief was afraid the guards would punish her, so she refused to learn.

Everyone else studied very attentively with us. They all said that Master’s poems were very good. One said, “If we had known you earlier and learned Falun Gong from you, we wouldn’t have committed crimes.”

I told them, “It is not too late to learn now. Our Master is here to spread the Fa and save sentient beings. When you go out, please make sure to look for Dafa books as soon as possible.”

The three inmates convicted of financial crimes said that they would practice Dafa. One of them saw Master sitting on a lotus in a dream, smiling at her. The other two also had positive dreams and said that they would look for Dafa practitioners when they were released.

These three inmates used to be depressed and cried all the time. After they got to know us, they became happy. When their families visited them, they were pleasantly surprised.

“I met Falun Gong practitioners and started learning Falun Gong,” one inmate said. “I know how to become a better person and will not commit crimes anymore.”

We tried to teach the deaf inmate to recite poems in Hong Yin. She was able to make sounds gradually. She was so happy. I encouraged her to try to recite the poems every day and look for a job when she got out. She was able to respond out loud, “Yes!”

That thief who did not want to learn the exercises from us was punished by the guard one day because she was speaking loudly. She was very upset. “You all practice the exercises and read the lectures every day,” she said. “You were never punished. Why was I punished just because I was loud? That's not fair.”

Another inmates said to her, “Why didn’t you practice the exercises? If you did, you wouldn’t have been punished.”

In the winter, it was very cold in the cell. The inmate who slept at the door couldn’t bear the cold because the door was often not closed. She asked me to switch with her. I agreed. I slept by the door for a few nights.

The guards came to close the door every night. A few days later, she came back to me and said, “Can we switch it back? There is barely any room to move while sleeping in the middle.”

I agreed again. However, when she slept by the door, the guards never came to close the door. She was very frustrated.

Everybody else laughed, “How can you compare with Granny? She has Master to protect her!”

I then gave her a new blanket that my family had sent to me. I also gave clothes to others in need. The inmates said, “Only Falun Gong practitioners are good.”

I said, “It is our Master who teaches us to be good people.”