(Minghui.org) Many chaotic phenomena exist in Chinese society today, and many types of interference specifically target Falun Dafa practitioners' truth clarification efforts. For example, the Chinese Communist Party has installed surveillance equipment and security personnel all over the place, and cell phone applications are used to track people's whereabouts. These things make it appear almost impossible for people to do anything without being seen. It creates the impression that the authorities can detect everything we do.

Different Dafa disciples have enlightened to different Fa principles regarding these forms of interference. Some have told the surveillance cameras in their minds not to participate in the persecution of Falun Dafa practitioners. Some have negated the monitoring functions of their cell phones, making their cell phones work only for us. Thus, from different angles and in different respects, these practitioners have negated the old forces' arrangements and accomplished what Fa-rectification disciples should. These supernormal abilities manifest only after one has transcended the human level and is acting under the guidance of divine principles.

As a matter of fact, on the surface, all of these kinds of interference arranged by the old forces use human methods to target humans and human attachments. As long as we enlighten to divine principles, treat these phenomena properly, position ourselves beyond the human realm, and handle these things with the compassion of the divine, these forms of interference will be ineffective.

All of the things that we think can interfere with us in the human world are probably just our human notions. These notions are what we need to eliminate, make improvements on, and overcome as we travel our paths to the divine.

It usually takes several breakthroughs, sometimes from overcoming different forms of interference, to reach a different realm in cultivation and accomplish what we should.

Ultimately, we must break through all human notions to gain divine understandings. When we achieve this, we will be able to handle even the most dangerous factors of this malicious persecution with great ease. Our divine thoughts will create powerful energy fields that disintegrate the evil factors and save sentient beings.

In the face of all the interference in this world, we must ascend in cultivation, which will, in turn, render the interference utterly ineffective.