Lotus Flower

Across mountains and over rivers,Master has nurtured tens of millions of lotus flowers,Pure and elegant in the earthly world.

Rains and winds did not make us shiver,Until dawn continues the night-long shower,Joyful in the sun the petals unfurled.

Longing for Home

Mid-autumn is a special season,here I am thinking of families;Thousands of years passed for a reason,waiting to return to the home of origin.

Sharing the moon with my hometown,travel through space and life cycles;Vowing to descend, the journey bitter and long,assist Master saving people towards the dawn.

Gratitude to Master

Strong flames from tripod,Dafa disciples are tempered for their willDetermination forged like diamond,being saved towards a future of joy.

Buddha compassion blesses the cosmos,as Master sacrifices for us tremendously;Thinking of this makes me more diligent,to assist Master saving people in this region.