(Minghui.org) Master has always guided me in my cultivation. I often read articles on the Minghui website that perfectly fit my situation at a given time.

Recently I was discussing about practitioners making up for mistakes from “being “transformed.” Then I immediately read two articles on the Minghui website discussing this subject, one of them being “We Must Not Leave Open Any Gaps for the Old Forces.”

I recommended the articles to the practitioner who was arrested three times. The first time was in 2000, when his mother (a former practitioner) knelt in front of him and begged him to give up his belief. He gave in and did not pass the test.

After he was released, he was persecuted financially. His first month back at work, he was paid only 200 yuan. Thus, he had to quit his job and move to a different city for temporary jobs. Several months later, he was arrested there and taken to the Sanshui Forced Labor Camp in Guangzhou Province. While in the camp, he was not only “transformed,” but also helped “transform” more than one practitioner. He was arrested the third time after suing Jiang Zemin.

I have talked to him several times over the past several years.

“It is your own issue if you do not cultivate well,” I said. “However, other practitioners gave up their faith because of you. It is your responsibility to redress this situation. You should go to those practitioners who were “transformed” by you. If their current state is good, you should apologize and tell them that you know you were wrong and ask for their forgiveness. This way, you can try to make up for your mistake. It will also help eliminate the gap and the resentment between you and practitioners so you can improve together.”

I continued, “However, if their mental state is not good and they have stopped practicing, you should try your best to help them. This is not just for these practitioners, but also for you. There will be challenges. If you truly recognize your mistake and try your best to redress it, Master will help you. If you keep hesitating like this, you will lose all opportunities. What is waiting for you is tribulations. If those “transformed” practitioners pass away, and never return to cultivation even prior to them passing away, how would you be able to escape your responsibility?”

There is also another situation that resulted in betraying practitioners. These people believed in the evil’s lies. In order to alleviate the persecution on themselves, they chose to betray fellow practitioners. Some of those exposed practitioners had righteous thoughts. It didn’t cause any severe consequences. However, they were exposed and interfered with.

One practitioner was exposed many years ago. She was arrested and taken to a forced labor camp. She did not betray other practitioners, but she wasn’t able to endure the hardship and tried to commit suicide. Fortunately she was rescued. She has been struggling with a lot of resentment and fear. She does not trust any practitioners. She barely practices anymore and refuses to interact with fellow practitioners.

We are allowed to make mistakes in our cultivation, but if we know we made mistakes, we need to correct them. The larger mistakes need to be fixed immediately. We should do well with what we are supposed to do.

Dafa can do anything. Master is watching us! Let’s encourage one another and cultivate diligently together. Master has been waiting for us and will not give up on us!