(Minghui.org) It was recently confirmed by Minghui.org that Ms. Wu Shoufen, a Falun Gong practitioner in Dezhou City, Shandong Province, was sentenced to four years in prison and has started to serve her term. The details of her sentencing remain to be investigated.

Ms. Wu was intercepted by police while talking to people about the communist regime’s persecution of Falun Gong on August 30, 2017. Officers kept her at the police station for more than 24 hours before letting her go home on the early morning of September 1. During that time, the police took photos of her and collected blood samples. They also confiscated her cell phone, home key, electric motorcycle, and Falun Gong materials.

Ms. Wu returned to the police station on September 2 to demand the return of her motorcycle, but she was instead arrested again. Officers forcibly took her back home to ransack her residence. They pushed her out of the police car in handcuffs in front of many of her neighbors, who speculated among themselves whether she had committed serious crimes.

Ms. Wu was detained at Dezhou City Detention Center before she was transferred to the prison.

Prior to her latest arrest and sentencing, Ms. Wu was arrested on January 28, 2017, and detained for ten days for filing a criminal complaint against former Communist Party leader Jiang Zemin for ordering the persecution of Falun Gong.