(Minghui.org) With the Mid-Autumn Festival fast approaching, the Minghui website has received many special messages from Falun Dafa practitioners jailed for their beliefs. Through their family members and friends, these practitioners have extended their sincere greetings to Master Li Hongzhi and wish him a Happy Mid-Autumn Festival.

Despite the incarceration, these practitioners express firm perseverance in their faith and undaunted determination to counteract the persecution.

One practitioner from Weifang, Shandong Province wrote: “I'm a senior Falun Dafa practitioner who started my self-cultivation in 1995. I have been imprisoned for almost ten years due to the persecution. Because of my fear and attachments, I went astray. However, compassionate Master has never given up on me, and has been enlightening me and giving me strength. I eventually broke through it after I was awakened to righteous thoughts. Master, thank you! I will always remember your teaching and follow you to my true home!”

Other greetings were received from incarcerated practitioners in the following places:

Changchun, Jilin ProvinceHanzhong, Shaanxi ProvinceSanhe, Hebei ProvinceKaijiang County, Sichuan ProvinceXinjiang Uyghur Autonomous RegionHeilongjiang ProvinceXuchang, Jiaozuo, Wushe, Xiuwu, Wen County, Mengzhou, Qinyang and Bo'ai, Henan ProvinceWeifang, Shandong ProvinceShuiluo Township, Zhuanglang County, Pingliang, Gansu ProvinceYulin, Shaanxi Province

Shaanxi Women's Prison, Shaanxi ProvinceMinhang Detention Center, ShanghaiQiqihar Prison, Heilongjiang ProvinceHeilongjiang Women's Prison, Heilongjiang ProvinceRizhao Detention Center, Shandong ProvinceChadian Prison, TianjinWeinan Prison, Shaanxi Province