(Minghui.org) I was arrested on October 1, 2012, and taken to the local police department. They slapped my face and injected poisonous drugs on a fingertip of my right hand. Afterward, a police officer said, “Make sure you see the doctor if you don't feel well.” I was not scared and steeled my righteous thoughts. I had done nothing wrong. The perpetrators then warned me that I would become insane and look like an old woman in her nineties. They also threatened to hold me for another two weeks.

I asked Master for his help. I decided not to come back once they let me out. It was noon when they let me go home for lunch. I was supposed to come back at 3 p.m. to speak to the police chief. I knew Master had helped me. I should not pay attention to what the police officers said. On my way home, I recited Master's poem:

Every form of travail has he weathered,Countless the fiends trampled under his feet;His palm erected, the whole Cosmos shakes,A grand Buddha stands between Heaven and Earth. (“The Awakened Onefrom Hong Yin)

As soon as I got home, I offered incense to Master and asked for his help. I regretted that I had not done well and was therefore given poisonous injections by the police. I knew only Master could save me.

Effect of Injections

Every day, I felt terrible and had different symptoms. When I sent righteous thoughts, I would hear strange screams, which made me shiver; I would have headaches, was panicking and was in pain. I could not tell my sister that I had been given poisonous drugs or she would insist that I go to the hospital. This would be exactly what the old forces wanted.

I had excruciating headaches, and when I could not bear it anymore, I felt like hitting my head on the wall. But I kept reminding myself that I was a Dafa practitioner. Instead, I meditated and asked Master to help me, and it soon got better. Sometimes I meditated for two or three hours. Every day, I had a headache and felt dizzy, as if I was wearing an iron mask. My skull felt tight as if it were bound. My skull was throbbing, my eyes felt like they were getting pulled, and I heard three different voices in my right ear. When I did the exercises, my face and brain felt like they were underwater.

I had no sweat, no runny nose, and it was as if my five senses were disconnected. I was miserable. In addition, I felt muddleheaded and had no energy at all. But I remained committed to Master: I did not adopt any ordinary people's ways. I just studied the Fa, did the exercises and sent righteous thoughts.

Then, I had a runny nose with orange liquid for four days during September 2016. Sometimes, it kept running for a minute. Afterward, my head felt better. I had a runny nose on and off for another month with clear liquid during April 2017. Afterward, my face did not feel funny anymore.

The poisonous injections left a hole in my upper gum. I could not brush my teeth, as it felt like the water went straight to the nerves. One of my teeth, which apparently had been affected, was black, whereas the rest of my teeth were white. Soon afterward, my teeth became loose one after another. I was not scared. I could not chew anything and lost three teeth. I was offered some help to fix my teeth, but I declined as I believed that for cultivators, things are extraordinary. Now, a new tooth has emerged, I can bite again, and my teeth are becoming stronger.

Eliminating Attachments

Fellow practitioners remarked that it was a miracle, as some of them had thought that I would not be able to survive the huge tribulation. It was all because of my faith in Master and the Fa. I knew that it was not me–it was the power of the Fa. Master was protecting me and had shouldered the burden for me.

I have since looked inward. Although I was committed to cultivation, I did not eliminate my attachments. I didn't study the Fa well. Sometimes, I followed people rather than the Fa. I had many attachments: competitiveness, zealotry, and seeking comfort and leisure. I did the exercises but did not cultivate my xinxing. I did not cultivate my speech, and my attachment to showing off was very obvious. It was all because of these loopholes that I was taken advantage of. Fellow practitioners sent me Minghui Weekly and other materials to help me elevate.

In the time that followed, I studied the Fa with a calm mind, looked inward when things happened, and rectified my speech and behavior. My physical health improved tremendously. I became more energetic and looked radiant.

People noticed the difference. I told them my story: the communist regime gave me lethal injections, and it was Master who saved me. Now, my mother, sister and daughter are all convinced that Falun Dafa is good.

I'd like to express my gratitude to Master. He spared no efforts and shouldered my pain and anguish so I could pass the trials and tribulations. I am able to go out with fellow practitioners every day to talk to people about Falun Dafa because Master had removed my fear.