(Minghui.org) I felt that our cultivation environment would improve if the police had a good understanding of Falun Dafa (also know as Falun Gong). So, for the last few months, I have made efforts to distribute Falun Dafa informational materials to local police stations and public security bureaus.

I recently obtained some flyers that were created specifically to clarify the truth about Falun Dafa to police and law reinforcement officials. So I thought I would distribute them to the local police.

The city police department has the largest concentration of officers. Although there were safety concerns, I decided to go there and distribute the Dafa flyers. Before I went, I asked Master to protect and strengthen me.

One morning in August, I sent forth righteous thoughts on my way to the police department. I arrived there at 9 a.m. and passed the guard at the entrance without any problem. I went up to the 14th floor and left some flyers in a locker room there, since no one was there.

I also left some flyers in other areas where no one was around. One officer saw me, but I was able to evade him. Just when I reached the building exit, however, a dozen young officers surrounded me and prevented me from leaving.

They asked, “Why are you here to distribute flyers? Do you practice Falun Gong?”

I maintained righteous thoughts and spoke courageously. “Yes, I am. I practice Falun Gong,” I said. “And because I do, I am very healthy in body and mind. So I am here to let you know the truth about Falun Dafa.”

They then asked me to sit down and tell them more. They seemed to be interested. I continued: “If you are a member of the CCP or its associated organizations, you must suffer with it when it is punished by Heaven. If you understand the truth, are not involved in persecuting Falun Dafa along with the CCP, you will have good returns. Good is rewarded with good, and evil is met with evil.”

They all listened carefully; some smiled and nodded, and some said that I was brave.

After I felt that I had fully explained things to them, I stood up ready to leave. I had the names of ten officers who wanted to quit the CCP. Of course, there were some who did not believe me. They grabbed my bag and took pictures of me. I didn’t cooperate and instead sent righteous thoughts, and I asked Master for protection. As a result, they did not give me a hard time.

I wanted to go, but they wanted me to tell them more. I then reminded them to read the flyers. They arranged for the local police near my home to come at noon to take me home.

In fact, when we are doing the three things, as long as we do things according to the Fa, everything will go smoothly. As long as we firmly believe in Master, everything will be safe. As long as we can let go of our fear, there will be no barriers. Thank you, great Master!