(Minghui.org) My father was a teacher in a small village. He loved to read and listening to him tell us stories is one of my happiest childhood memories. From fairytales to ancient legends, these stories sparked my spiritual yearning. I often thought: what if I could meet a master who could lead me towards the divine?

Several decades passed. My world gradually became plagued by stomach problems, joint pain, lower back pain, and tumors. My childhood dreams of embarking on a spiritual journey faded away. That is, until I discovered Falun Dafa, an ancient cultivation practice of mind and body that brought my hope back to life and helped me regain my health and happiness.


After I went to college in the 90s, a chronic bowel disease often led to severe stomach pain. In addition, I had to stay away from cold or fried food. I could not even eat a peach unless it was cooked in a pressure cooker.

Then I started to work as a teacher and three quarters of my salary was spent on medical bills. The bowel disease grew worse, becoming inflammatory with sores. The stomach pain was so bad that I often broke a sweat. I had to take medicine for some relief, but had to suffer the side effect of abdominal bloating.

To make matters worse, joint arthritis developed in both of my hands. Whenever it rained, my fingers would be itchy and painful, and I would be unable to ride a bike to work. I also developed gynecological problems, including abdominal pain and lower back ache. Although only in my 20s, I was too weak to carry a baby, or do the household chores. My poor health also brought on colds and other symptoms, making me take sick leave from work very often. My supervisor was not happy because, as a teacher, my frequent absences would affect my students' scores.

A hard tumor developed behind my left ear in 1997. Doctors in many hospitals examined it and they were not optimistic. Surgeons said the tumor could easily spread to other areas and it was also difficult to remove because it was so close to the bone. Nonetheless, I underwent surgery and the surgeon was able to remove it.

At that time, my first daughter was five and second daughter was only one. Thinking about the doctors' words, I was worried, thinking, “What if I died? How could my children survive without me?” Later, pathological examination results indicated it was a benign fibroma, and I felt relieved but continued to suffer from my many other ailments.

In the spring of 1998, a year after the tumor was removed, another tumor appeared in the same location. It was hard with multiple protrusions and some pain. One doctor had told me earlier that, if the first tumor was benign and I had it removed, no new tumors would grow. Now, this new one brought me more worries and misery.

At 28 years old, my life was full of pain and without hope. Recalling the fairytales my father told me, I sincerely hoped I could find a real master to show me the way out. I even had a thought that I could somehow find a heavenly book that could help solve all my problems.

The Moment I'd Been Waiting For

The turning point was May 1998. One day in the office, two colleagues were chatting with each other. One said he met a cousin who recommended that he learn Falun Dafa, but he was too busy to practice. Upon hearing the words “Falun Dafa,” my body shook with a surge of energy, which I thought was strange.

Two days later, in the restroom once again, I was holding my abdomen with both hands, sweating. A music teacher that I rarely saw came up and asked what was wrong. I could barely speak and whispered, “It's an inflammatory bowel disease. I have suffered from it for a long time.” Without hesitation, the teacher said that Falun Dafa could help me.

“Really? It could cure me?” I asked in disbelief. She said, "Yes, and much more." A few minutes later, I went back to her office with her, feeling I had been waiting for this my entire life. In front of other teachers, I patted the music teacher's shoulder and said, “I am determined to cultivate and attain Buddhahood.” She smiled and handed me a copy of Zhuan Falun.

As I began to read the book after dinner, I was deeply drawn in. At night when my husband and children had gone to bed, I was still reading it, without feeling tired at all. Without noticing the time that passed, I finished the entire book.

I now understood why we came to this world, and I gained many new understandings about gods and Buddhas. It answered many of my lifelong questions. It was very quiet late at night, but I was so excited I could hardly go to sleep. To me, this was the heavenly book I had been dreaming of.

I learned many things I never knew before. For example, illness was caused by karma, and a genuine Falun Dafa practitioner would not have illness because Master helps purify the body in other dimensions. Since I had found a path that goes beyond life and death, I should behave like a practitioner. I was so happy.

The next morning, I returned the book to the music teacher. “I finished it. Do you have more?” I asked. She was surprised and happy and said I must have a predestined relationship with Falun Dafa. I begged her to teach me the exercises. While doing the meditation, I could feel Falun rotating on my legs and on my fingertips.

My health improved dramatically. Shortly after I began to practice, the pain was gone and I could eat all kinds of food, hot or cold. One day, a colleague looked at me and asked, “Hey! The tumor behind your ear is gone!” I was so happy and so were the other teachers at my school. Many people talked about it, saying Falun Dafa is indeed amazing.

This is my story and I am always so thankful for what Falun Dafa has given me. I hope more people will give it a try and achieve health and happiness just like I did.