(Minghui.org) When sickness symptoms occur, some fellow practitioners automatically think it's caused by the old forces' interference. They then follow the thinking patterns of everyday people to find a solution to their particular problem by looking within and by sending forth righteous thoughts. However, they fail to look within as a cultivator should or treat the situation as a great opportunity for improving in their cultivation. As a matter of fact, such thought patterns have already recognized the arrangements of the old forces, because their “looking within” is conditional, with the strong pursuit of solving their problem. Viewing problems from this perspective actually accords with everyday people's mentalities and naturally leads these practitioners to “cultivate” through tribulations arranged by the old forces.

To truly look within, one has to do it without any attachments or pursuit. The true goal of looking within is to eliminate our human notions, improve our xinxing and assimilate to Dafa. Looking within with a goal in mind reflects a state of being carried away by pursuit. How can we possibly pass a test with the attachment of pursuit?

We have learned from Master's teachings that no matter whether we run into good things or bad things, they are all good for us. However, how many of us treat sickness karma symptoms as good things? As soon as these symptoms appear, our deeply-rooted human notions start to play a role. We treat them as bad things that we must resolve as soon as possible. Driven by the strong pursuit to eliminate the sickness karma manifestation, we look within and send forth righteous thoughts. How could the problem be solved like this? Of course it couldn't. If it drags on longer, one's faith in Dafa could begin to waiver and fear could emerge, which could make the sickness karma manifestation worse. If things develop still further, one could completely lose faith, decide to go to a hospital, or tough it out and maybe lose his or her life.

How should we treat the appearance of sickness karma? First of all, we should realize that it's a good thing and a great opportunity for improving in cultivation. By looking within unconditionally, we can eliminate our human notions, upgrade our xinxing and assimilate to Dafa. We can then accomplish righteous thoughts and righteous actions. It's not enough to just realize that cultivators don't have diseases and that the sickness symptoms are false appearances created by our human notions. We have to treat it as a false appearance through our behavior. When we don't recognize the false appearance of sickness karma and just go ahead and do what a healthy cultivator should do, instead of lying in bed, the test will pass.

This whole process of passing a test has absolutely nothing to do with the old forces. Even if the old forces do exist and did arrange the tribulation, we don't acknowledge their existence or follow their arrangements at all. The only path we follow is the one arranged by Master. No matter how hard it appears to be, we will be able to make it through the tribulation under Master's protection.