(Minghui.org) It is sad to hear that some Falun Dafa practitioners have passed away due to sickness karma in recent years, especially when the Fa-rectification is nearing the end.

On the other hand, it is good to hear that many practitioners have broken through the barrier of sickness karma by relying on a strong belief in Master and Dafa. These different results have helped me to gain more understandings on this issue.

Master Re-made Our Bodies

Some practitioners know that sickness karma is an illusion—a test—but inside they still panic and are scared when the tribulation of sickness karma comes to them. They look outward, ask Master to remove the tribulation for them, ask for practitioners' support with their righteous thoughts, and care about what food they eat that could help them get better.

At the same time, they try to do the exercises and study the Fa more and do more Dafa work to help let more people know the truth about Falun Dafa. They do all of these things with the goal of getting rid of that sickness karma.

That means they are just holding on to their karma more tightly and becoming more attached to it.

Negative thoughts and feelings make their illness more and more serious, and they gradually become suspicious of the Fa. They complain, “Why doesn't Master take care of me?” And, in the end, they pass away.

Master said,

“We emphasize one point: If you cannot relinquish the attachment or concern for illness, we cannot do anything and will be unable to help you.” (Zhuan Falun)

Master treats every practitioner as his disciple, and he, himself, purifies and re-makes our bodies.

Master said:

“Here we will provide you with Falun, qiji, and all the mechanisms for cultivation practice and so on—more than ten thousand of them. They will all be given to you like seeds being planted in your body. After removing your illnesses, I will do everything that needs to be done and give you everything that should be given. Then, you will be able to truly continue your cultivation practice in our school until the end.”

Whether it is a tumor, cancer, bone spur, or other ailment, they are all illusions in order to test us, they see whether we really believe in Master and Dafa. Master also uses them to eliminate our karma.

Left with Regret

A practitioner was very frightened after she was diagnosed with uterine cancer. She said that she believed in Dafa, but she took medicine at the same time. Lots of practitioners went to see her after they heard about it. Some shared with her on the Fa, some looked after her in her daily life, and some criticized her.

When each group of practitioners came to see her, she would describe her current condition. It was like she was a patient answering to a doctor. Some practitioners even treated her like a patient, asking about the progress of her illness each time they saw her.

During this time, local 610 Office personnel also came to see her, saying that if she gave up her belief in Falun Dafa they would take her to a hospital.

Her mind started to waver and she later complained about Dafa for not saving her life. In the end, she gave all her Dafa books away and replaced them with Chinese Communist Party books. She also stopped practitioners from coming to see her and decided to give up cultivation. She later died at home.

Believing in Master and Dafa

Another female practitioner in our area had been asked to take a temporary leave from work. At home, she suddenly came down with sickness karma. She had blood in her urine and had to rush to the toilet many times a day.

She panicked at first and didn't want to tell other practitioners about her situation. She wanted to pass the test by relying on Dafa and Master, but the situation didn't get better after a period of time, and she started to waver in her belief.

She remembered the practitioner in her area who passed away and was determined not to follow the same path. She studied the Fa more, looked inward, and paid attention to every single thought. She didn't treat herself as a patient and truly cultivated.

She thought that it must be Master purifying her body—how could so much blood flow out of her body otherwise? She thought the blood must be from another dimension, and it was all karma. She also sent righteous thoughts and denied the old forces' interference. The more she looked at the issue from the perspective of the Fa, the more she calmed down.

Her company asked her to come back to help one day. She thought: “This is not illness, so if I am not ill, I should go to work.”

It surprised her that she was fine when she left home. But the problem returned when she came home.

She realized it was Master’s arrangement that her company had asked her to stay at home for some time: it was for her to eliminate her karma.

Her symptoms completely disappeared a month later, after her xinxing had improved. Soon after that, her company asked her to return to work fulltime.

This practitioner encountered another big tribulation a few years ago. She was bitten by a dog and didn't pay attention to it. The wound started to swell and later began to fester.

All she heard from the people around her was about this person and that person who died because of this or that, or that her life would be at risk if she didn't go and see the doctor. She then started to really worry. The infection gradually spread to her shoulder and very close to her heart.

According to everyday people, she would lose her arm if she didn't see a doctor. But she knew she was a practitioner and was determined to give her life to Master and not even think about the “infection” at all.

A miracle then appeared. The infection started to clear up, and soon she fully recovered. One righteous thought can lead to completely different results.

If a practitioner thinks that sickness karma is an illness, he or she has dropped to the level of everyday people with that thought. It is also like one wants to hold on to the sickness karma and doesn't want it to go.

Master gives us healthy bodies, happy families, and blessings. All of the tribulations that we encounter is Master paving the road for us to eliminate our karma and return to our original home. As long as we believe in Master, we can break through the tribulation and overcome it.