(Minghui.org) Assistants from Falun Dafa practice sites across Taiwan, and Kinmen and Penghu, held their annual meeting during the last weekend of July at the Chientan Youth Activity Center in Taipei. They talked about how they were able to overcome difficulties when they cultivated themselves and worked to create a positive environment.

Assistants from Falun Dafa practice sites across Taiwan do the exercises on the morning of July 29, 2018 at the Chientan Youth Activity Center.

Assistants studied the teachings of Falun Dafa and talked about their experiences.

Letting Go of Self

Ms. Huang from Taipei coordinates a project that uses mobile phones to clarify the facts to people, but she could not find anyone who was knowledgeable in technology to help. She spent hours doing the research herself while still handling the coordination. At first she complained, but she knew that a cultivator should be happy to do something that no one else wants to do. After she changed her attitude the technical problems were soon resolved.

One practitioner complained that she tried many times using Ms. Huang's method, but neither of her phones worked. Since everyone else's phones worked, Ms. Huang looked within to see if she had any negative thoughts about this practitioner. She carefully listened to her and helped by sending righteous thoughts to clear away any interference. The practitioner's phones soon began working again. From this experience Ms. Huang understood that whenever we encounter interference it's usually our attachments that are blocking us. When we let go of our ego, the situation usually improves.

Remembering To Have Compassion

Mr. Luo has been talking to tourists for many years at one of Taiwan's famous attractions, Taipei 101.

He said that several practitioners complained about one practitioner's odd way of talking to people at the tourist site. He had talked with this practitioner many times, but little changed. Mr. Luo realized that he hadn't been very compassionate when he spoke to him. He decided to focus on the practitioner's good points, and stop having negative thoughts about him. He also quietly began handling anything that the practitioner had overlooked.

After he adjusted himself, Mr. Luo noticed that the practitioner's way of talking to people improved and the overall situation stabilized. He understood that when problems surface it indicates that there may be attachments that we need to eliminate.

Creating A Supportive Environment

Ms. Liu has coordinated the truth clarification at the Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall for many years, and talked about creating a positive environment.

Ms. Liu said that in the past they talked to tourists in the parking lot. After the museum changed the parking arrangement, they decided to talk to tourists just outside the hall. This met with many difficulties, and the venue's management objected. Ms. Liu remembered that Master said,

“Clarifying the truth is the master key.” (“Teaching the Fa at the 2003 Atlanta Fa Conference” from Teaching the Fa at the Conference IV)

She met with government officials and explained why practitioners need to talk to Chinese tourists about Falun Dafa and the persecution.

She kept talking to the hall's management and local officials, and in the process, several people learned about the persecution. Many expressed their sympathy and some helped. Ms. Liu said that practitioners were eventually permitted to use the venue, which created a favorable environment to save people.

Ms. Liu said that people are watching us and have noticed the kindness and positive attitudes of practitioners. This has also helped change the environment for the better. One day an elderly lady who often walked past the display gave practitioners a thumbs up and said, “We have been watching you for a long time.”