(Minghui.org) In November 2016, I took a job working in the cafeteria of a Korean electronics factory. This factory launched its operations 20 years ago. Its cafeteria employees were all Falun Gong practitioners. I was the fourth practitioner to work there. My Korean boss trusts Falun Gong practitioners and knows that we don't take money or anything for ourselves.

One day last March, one of my co-workers forgot to turn off the burner after turning off the main gas switch. The next day, after I turned on the main gas switch, I lowered my head to light the burner when a huge fireball gushed out due to the leaked gas under the burner. My face was badly burned, and my clothes too. I could actually feel my face burning. My co-workers were all scared to death.

I calmed down and called my boss. He was shocked to see my condition. I told him not to worry about me and I would not ask for any compensation from the company since I am a Falun Gong practitioner. I told him I would be fine.

I put on my helmet to cover my face and rode my electric bike home. At home, I looked at myself in the mirror: my whole face was pink; a piece of skin on my head had burned and sloughed off. By the afternoon, my face had turned yellowish and began to swell. The next morning, my face was swollen so badly that I could barely open my eyes. There were blisters all over my face. By the third day, my face began to turn purple. One of my friends stopped by. When she saw my situation, she was about to cry. I told her, “I will be fine. Master will take care of me.”

I lived by myself. I did not tell my son about the accident. On the fourth day, my son called me and told me that his friend was coming to my place with his car. He asked me to go with his friend to take care of some paperwork for him. I had to tell him about the accident and that I could not go out. I also told him not to worry about me.

But my son was worried and drove several hours to my home that night. By then, the blisters on my face had begun to turn into scabs and I looked pretty bad. He was really upset and cried when he saw me. He asked me to go to the hospital and worried about permanent scarring. I assured him that I would be fine and asked him to respect my decision.

My son left the next day but called me frequently to check on my condition. On the eighth day, he came back to check on me. He was astonished when he saw me: the scabs on my face had almost all disappeared; my skin had recovered; my complexion was great and I looked terrific. He kept saying, “This is a miracle!”

I returned to work after that.

I cannot express enough my gratitude for Master's protection. I did not feel much pain the whole time of my recovery, only some discomfort at the beginning. During my recovery process, I could feel Falun healing my face. I know that Master helped me so that I would not suffer much. I sincerely thank Master for his compassion.