(Minghui.org) Humility is to lower oneself, and it is the same for everyone regardless of one's gender, age, profession, and identity. Everyone should be humble and courteous.

Humility Broadens the Path of Cultivation

To lower oneself is to overcome the arrogance in one's heart. A cultivator must be humble, because humility enables one to accept others' opinions and criticism, and only then can a cultivator search inward and genuinely cultivate.

Humility makes a cultivator's mind clear and rational, which strengthens the main consciousness. A clear and rational mind is able to distinguish between good and bad, and overcome arrogance with a strong will. Humility manifests in a cultivator's purity, kindness and tolerance because it is the manifestation of true respect for the world's people. So a humble person wins the love and respect of others.

The Opposite of Humility Is Arrogance

If one is not humble, then this person is arrogant. An arrogant person looks down on other people, and points fingers at others. This person only sees shortcomings and mistakes in others, and eventually goes down an evil path.

An arrogant person has too many demons in his heart – resentment, jealousy, competitiveness, and greed. So this person's main consciousness is weak. This person is often controlled by these demons, as well as external factors. This person is prone to be self-indulgent, deviates from morality, and exhibits behaviors that hurt others, or even destroy their own family.

An arrogant person is egoistic, and is often dissatisfied with others. Because of that, others find it hard to get along with this person. Therefore, an arrogant person is often isolated.

If one is unable to defeat arrogance, how can arrogance be subdued?

Humility Is a Noble Realm for a Cultivator

People with great wisdom are humble. People with good morals are humble.Cultivators who can search inward to overcome weaknesses are humble; cultivators who can overcome themselves are humble!