(Minghui.org) My husband and I are both professional business people. Before I started practicing Falun Dafa, I did not behave at all like a lady. My bad temper and fearless personality led me to fight with customers, with my husband and his younger brother, and with my in-laws. I used to think that my husband was weak and that his family took advantage of him; so I felt that they all owed me something.

In 1997, my husband began to study Zhuan Falun, Falun Dafa’s primary text, after his friends introduced it to him. I was opposed to reading it at first. But I decided to read it to see what it was about, for it had drawn my husband in.

Perhaps it was in the winter of 1998 that I began to read Zhuan Falun. I was amazed by the discussion of the Falun Dafa principles. It illustrated many principles to guide one to become a good person. It was excellent.

However, my practicing Falun Dafa was interrupted by the persecution that was launched by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in 1999. I stopped reading Dafa books and practicing the exercises, and without Dafa’s guidance, I returned to my former state. I began to argue often with my family. However, deep inside my mind, I still knew that Dafa was good. My husband was practicing off and on.

One night in 2005, a Dafa practitioner came to chat with us after dinner. He answered three questions that had puzzled me for several years. Right then, I said that I would formally resume my practice the following day and continue until the end.

Stopping a Life-Threatening Fight

My husband and I went to the city to buy some goods. Halfway there we encountered a traffic jam, so we took a detour and passed by a village. We were stopped by a middle-aged man who was blocking the road. It seemed like he was asking for money, and he was quarreling with a young man who was selling watermelon with his wife. The young man was positioned to fight with his fruit knife.

The middle-aged man called to several young men. A man with a tattoo on his neck stepped out of a van, holding a large knife over 20 inches long. He was ready to fight with the watermelon vendor.

At that time, Master Li Hongzhi's (Falun Gong’s founder) teachings came into my mind.

Master said:

“It does not matter if an everyday person gets involved in the affairs of everyday people, as he or she will apply the principles of everyday people to size things up. You must use the supernormal principles to look at things. It is a xinxing issue if you do not help stop a murder or arson when you see it. How will you otherwise demonstrate that you are a good person? If you do not help stop a murder or arson, what would you get involved with? Yet there is one point to be made: These things really do not have anything to do with our practitioners. They might not be arranged for you to run into.” (Zhuan Falun)

It was no accident that I ran across this situation. I felt that I had to take care of it. I sent forth righteous thoughts and walked in front of the young man with the big knife.

“Hey young man—I don’t know either you or him. We meet because of a predestined relationship,” I said. “You should not do something foolish! You aren't enemies, and you hold no grudge against him. If you kill him, won’t you go to prison to pay for taking his life? Is that worth such a trivial issue? Won't your life be ruined? I am considering your sake. Please give that knife to me.”

The young man seemed to be stunned for a while as if he had been shocked by electricity. But he came to his senses and put the knife back in the van. His smile showed that he was grateful. All the while, my husband kept sending forth righteous thoughts.

The vendor also calmed down. He invited everyone to have some watermelon. The tattooed man handed me a piece of melon as soon as the melon was sliced. He seemed delighted to ask me to eat. Everyone on site forgot what had happened and happily ate watermelon. It was Dafa’s compassion that dissolved this life-threatening incident.

If I had not cultivated in Dafa, where would I have found such courage? I would have run far away from them to avoid bloodshed. Dafa makes people kind, it brings harmony to families, and it makes one considerate of others, looking inside when conflicts occur. Cultivation is magnificent!