(Minghui.org) I used to suffer from severe migraines and other illnesses. Doctors could not find any remedies, but Falun Dafa restored my health.

Developing Chronic Conditions

I began to suffer from severe migraines at the age of 16. The prelude to each migraine would be blindness, which was followed by excruciating head pain when my eyesight returned. I eventually dropped out of middle school and joined the army.

The hard work in the army affected my health, and I came down with other ailments, such as chest and lower back pain, as well as an inner ear disorder. I dared not consult a doctor or tell my superiors about my health problems because I would have lost all promotion opportunities.

My head began to hurt again in May 1997, and I went to bed early. As soon as the light was turned off, I saw a being dressed in black by my bedside. He head touched the ceiling, and his eyes were as big as chicken eggs. His mouth was not moving, but I could hear him saying, “Let's go, let's go.” I remembered old stories about such an entity that comes to claim one’s life. I did not want to go with it, so it left.

I was drenched in sweat out of fear. A few seconds later, I asked my wife to turn on the light. She asked me what was wrong, but I did not want to scare her and decided not to tell her what I had just seen.

Unable to stand the pain any longer, I told my political commissar about my illnesses. He had his driver take me to the neurology department of the military hospital immediately, and I was diagnosed with a disabling primary headache disorder. I was told that there was no cure and that I had to be on painkillers for the rest of my life.

Introduced to Falun Dafa

Battalion Commander Wang, who was in the same hospital ward, told me to learn the Falun Dafa exercises with him. He gave me a book with the exercise illustrations, as well as a book with stories recounted by Falun Dafa practitioners.

One particular story caught my attention. It was about a young man who took a badge at his friend's house without telling anyone. He put it on his shirt after he left.

He went to a temple with his friends a few days later, but the monk guarding the gate would not let him enter. The monk knelt down in front of him and said, “Young man, this temple is too small to accommodate your noble body.” Irritated, he went back to his friend, who told him that it was not an ordinary badge that he had taken but a Falun Emblem. After learning more about Falun Dafa, this young man took up the self-cultivation practice and completely changed his behavior.

This story made me wonder, “If Falun Dafa could help a bad person change into a good person, I could change from a good person into an even better person.” I wanted to cultivate in Falun Dafa. I started to learn the exercises by following the illustrations in the book.

My head hurt badly again at night, so the nurse injected me with a painkiller, which did not help. I asked her to give me more, but she would not. I would not let her sleep, so she prescribed another painkiller, which did not stop the pain either.

I thought about how pathetic I was. Coming from the countryside, a young person in his 30s like me should have so much potential in the army. However, now my health issues would ruin it all. Tears covered my face.

At four o’clock the next morning, Commander Wang came to wake me up to take me to practice the Falun Dafa exercises. I told him I wanted to sleep more because I was still very tired. I knelt down and held onto the bed frame with my head leaning on the sidebar. I saw Commander Wang in his uniform smiling at me. I could hear him talking to me, though his mouth did not move at all, “Take some medicine, then go practice with me.” I said, “Medicines don't help. I'll go later!”

However, my head suddenly stopped hurting. Startled, I got up and wondered why it did not hurt anymore. Where did the migraine go? My head had never been that clear before. I was very excited but could not fathom what had happened.

I woke up Commander Wang two hours later. On our way to the exercise site, I asked if he had come to wake me up earlier. He said he did not, and it was me who woke him up instead.

I later talked to another Dafa practitioner, and she told me that Teacher Li Hongzhi (the founder of Falun Dafa) was probably testing me to see if I truly wanted to cultivate in Dafa. This remark was the determining factor for me to practice Dafa.

I no longer suffered from the severe migraines. I joined a group to practice the exercises every day. After the exercises, I came back to the hospital ward to eat and then fell asleep. I knew it when people entered my room, but I could not get up. But if someone from my work unit came, I could get up and talk. I was like that for seven days, and I knew that Teacher was purifying my body.

Surviving a Motorcycle Accident

I took my son to my hometown on my motorcycle. When we passed by a village, I suddenly felt dizzy and lost control of my bike, which turned toward a pile of large stones on the roadside and crashed.

When I regained consciousness, I noticed that I had landed on a rock with my face down. I could still move my hands, but not my legs. I saw my son standing next to me and many people surrounding me. I told them, “I'm a Falun Dafa practitioner. Teacher Li will protect me!” I realized that my face was covered with blood, and so was my chest. There was a big cut on my left eyebrow. On the left side of my chest was a 10-centimeter-long gash with exposed flesh.

I thought that, since Teacher had given me a very healthy body, I would not accept any of the old forces' arrangements. So I got up and rode the motorcycle home. I did not stop at all because I wanted to go home and study the Falun Dafa teachings.

After returning home, I did not have any ill effects. My wife, who was also a practitioner, washed the blood off with water. To keep my wound from bleeding more, I lay down in bed and listened to Teacher's lectures. Another practitioner saw me and said, “How can you lie down while listening to Teacher’s lectures?!” I realized it was disrespectful to Teacher and immediately sat up. In the 18 hours between the accident at noon and the next morning, both of my wounds closed up, and the cut on my left eyebrow healed nicely.

That evening, I was well enough to take a fellow practitioner to a nearby village on the motorcycle to distribute Falun Dafa brochures. He did not know that I had been in an accident the day before. On our way back, I began to feel dizzy just like the night before. I knew that the old forces were attempting to interfere with me again, so I stopped the engine and sent forth righteous thoughts. My mind cleared up, and we hit the road again.

Since then, I have not had any illness symptoms. I cannot find the words to express my gratitude for Teacher's saving my life.