(Minghui.org) I am a 68-year-old practitioner. I learned about Falun Dafa five years ago from my son and started reading the book Zhuan Falun. I also learned the exercises from my son. Since learning the practice, I read Master's book every day and perform the five exercises at home. I would like to share some of my experiences in learning Dafa.

Gaining Health

Before learning Falun Dafa, I had a variety of diseases and had undergone three surgeries. I was also an angry and impatient person. Because of my difficult life, I was very sensitive and bad-tempered. I had developed a few diseases such as, high blood pressure, arthritis, high blood lipids, thyroid, and had terrible coughs. All of this weighed heavy on my mind.

After reading Zhuan Falun, watching Master's lectures and doing the exercises consistently, gradually I noticed my illnesses going away. I did not even have to take any medicine in these years. I have become more patient and tolerant.

My blood pressure and lipids were so high that I had to take 2 pills per day and my doctor had told me that if I stopped, I would have a heart attack. But after studying, doing the exercises, and cultivating myself in daily life for two years, I felt so healthy that there was no need for pills. During all this time, I have not had any problems with my blood pressure and by eating more balanced food and not indulging, I no longer have high blood lipids either. I study the book and do the exercises with even more faith.

I had severe arthritis and while walking my hip and knees would get so numb that I would lose control and fall. Master compassionately resolved this problem for me. My severe coughing, that none of the experts and doctors could cure and no medicine helped, was also healed through doing the exercises. I would like to thank Master for this.

Experiencing Compassion

In the past I used to be a very bad-tempered person because my spouse was unfaithful to me and despite having two kids together I divorced him. This incident and the financial problems it caused had such a huge impact on me that I could not let it go. Whenever I ran into any problems I would remember him with resentment and this itself hurt me more.

By studying the book consistently and doing the meditation, I was able to understand my karmic relationship with him and this made me calmer. These days when I remember my ex-husband, I wish him the best from the bottom of my heart. In this way, I was able to understand and forgive all of the people I had conflicts with in the past. Dafa gave me the power to understand my relationship with others and look at things with compassion.

Now when I meet with tribulations I handle them with patience and tolerance and with Master's help measure everything with the principles of Dafa.

Master's Protection

One day as I was going to the gym, a car that was backing up hit me and ran over my legs. At that moment, I felt my hip breaking. All of the people there gathered around including the young driver who was panicking. I tried to move and was able to get up.

When I realized I was fine my tears started flowing. In my heart I knew this was Master's compassion. I told the worried driver he could leave. When the driver left, I started crying out of happiness and my faith in Dafa and Master increased.

If this had happened before when I had severe arthritis, I would have been definitely hurt, but Master compassionately protected my physical body.

Now I read the book and the articles with due diligence and do the exercises. I speak to the people around me about the goodness of Falun Dafa. I feel like I have everything in my life and I am truly peaceful and calm.

I thank Master Li Hongzhi for all the things he has given and taught us.