(Minghui.org) I think that when we encounter people who are not willing to listen to us tell them about Falun Gong and the persecution, we should not argue with them. Instead, it is better to approach them from a different angle. Doing so can achieve exceptional results.

For instance, I talked to a lady while sitting on a bench in a grocery store. I asked, “Where did you work before retiring?”

“A school. I taught Chinese language,” she replied.

“You must be a Party member?” I inquired.

“Yeah.” She then changed her tone and said, “Every time I sit down here, there is always someone telling me about Falun Gong, which is useless to me.” She then asked me, “Do you practice Falun Gong?”

I replied, “We were peers. I taught history, Chinese language, and music. During those years, you and I worked very hard. The salaries were low and workloads were heavy. In recent years, I have been reflecting on how I behaved back then. The more I think about it, the more I feel sorry for my former students.”

She looked surprised, “Why do you feel sorry for your students?”

“I taught those subjects for over 30 years,” I replied. “I also taught them how to conduct themselves. But how many lies did I tell them?”

She was puzzled and asked, “What were the lies?”

“In 1960, I taught a history course. The CCP (Chinese Communist Party) claimed that it drove the Japanese army out of China during World War II and that the Nationalist Party didn't fight against the Japanese. Then why does Taiwan's Nationalist Party government have Japan's document of surrender, not the CCP?” The CCP lied to take credit for the victory. I repeated those lies to my students. That was the first lie I told them.

I continued, “The textbooks state that China encountered natural disasters during 1959-1961, but no one starved to death. At that time, I was a high school student. A classmate who shared the same desk with me died from starvation. There were countless people who lost their lives from famine. Actually, there weren't any natural disasters during those three years, only man-made disasters.”

“The CCP had ordered everyone to refine steel. Vast amounts of crops were left in the fields to rot. The CCP shipped soybeans and other staples to the former Soviet Union in exchange for weapons. I repeated the lie to my students in class and said no one starved to death. That was the second lie I told.”

“I passed on a third lie: In 1958, the CCP announced that the rice crop yield was 60,000 kilos per acre. My class teacher told us that was fake because she and many other students had moved all the rice crops to one location. The propaganda department then took a picture that was used with a false report. Even though I knew the truth, I repeated this lie to my students.”

I added, “On June 4, 1989, young college students demanded anti-corruption measures and democracy. The crackdown was bloody. I also told my students multiple times that no students were killed in Tiananmen Square. During those years, I instilled the CCP's lies in my students. But now I know what the CCP is! Now my conscience is fully awake. That is why I said that I am sorry for my students.”

The lady replied, “You can apologize to your students. I think you are a good person. I knew some of what you said, but not all.”

From her expression, I knew she understood the truth. We then talked about Falun Gong. I began, “Falun Gong practitioners just want to tell you about aspects of the persecution you can’t know about otherwise. Falun Gong is a cultivation practice that teaches people to become good and consider others first. Practitioners risk their lives to tell people the truth. We don't want others to commit sins because they have been exposed to the CCP's lies. When the CCP falls, we don't want others to be dragged down with them.”

She listened intently and was moved. I asked her, “May I give you a nickname for you to quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations? I can have your withdrawal posted online.”

She answered: “Yes. I hope we will meet again.”