(Minghui.org) Master told us, “Since human beings have qing, being upset is qing, so are happiness, love, hatred, enjoying doing one thing, resenting doing another thing, preferring one person to another, hobbies, and dislikes. Everything belongs to qing, and everyday people just live for it.” (Zhuan Falun)

I enlightened that resentment is also an emotion, and the root is selfishness. When lives came down from high levels to lower levels until they reached the human level, many feelings were generated among these lives. When they came to the human world, some manifested as hate and resentment.

By studying the Fa, we know that selfishness is a characteristic of the old universe; it exists in every stage of one’s life. I think that for many practitioners, resentment is hidden deep in their lives and very hard to eliminate totally. Only a life created by Dafa can be unselfish.

The expression of resentment is very vague but affects most practitioners. For example, when one is angry, uncomfortable, jealous or happy, resentment might hide behind these emotions. Sometimes when we think a practitioner was not tolerant enough, deep down, it might be because of resentment.

Once, when one practitioner was helping another practitioner overcome some economic difficulties, other practitioners misunderstood her, including the family of the practitioner she was trying to help. In order to avoid further misunderstandings, she tried to avoid the other practitioner in public.

She was under great pressure and suffered. After some time, she started to hate the person she was trying to help, because that person couldn't help eliminate the misunderstandings. She didn't show resentment on the surface—all that anyone could see that she kept pointing out the other practitioner's problem and nagged that practitioner to improve.

Why do practitioners develop resentment while cultivating? I think it is because practitioners cannot let go of themselves. The most obvious form of resentment is being self-centered. To genuinely practice cultivation, we have to look inward unconditionally and never care about how others treat us. Lives in the old universe always want to change others but never want to change themselves. As a practitioner, shouldn't we be always kind to others and ignore how bad they are? How can we develop hatred?

Even if other practitioners are indeed not doing well, we should be tolerant and kindly point out their problems. We should also be considerate of how we point out the problem without hurting them.

We know that all current practitioners are representatives of many universes and came down with Master to rectify the Fa. That means these great divine beings gave up everything to come down to the human world with only the thought to save people.

What that practitioner has suffered may exceed our imagination. How can we despise him simply because he is lost in the human world? As Dafa practitioners, our responsibility is to save people.

We should also consider the numerous lives he represents. If he's lost, shouldn't we try our best to wake him up? How can we simply blame him or even push him out? I think some practitioners don't perform well because of the old forces’ arrangements.

Let's let go of the attachment to ourselves, work with all practitioners from different levels, help each other, and go back home together. Let's completely eliminate resentment and become great enlightened beings.