(Minghui.org) Ms. Lu Fenghua, a 55-year-old Falun Gong practitioner from Qingdao City, was illegally arrested by officers from the Jiaonan Police Station on June 4, 2018. She has been detained in the Qingdao Second Detention Center since June 6. The Jiaonan Procuratorateapproved the arrest on June 19.

Ms. Lu has hired a lawyer to file a lawsuit against Cai Chao and Teng Zhaolin for their responsibility in her arrest.

Arrest, Interrogation, and Detention

On the morning of June 4, a Jiaonan Police Station officer knocked on Ms. Lu's door. When she opened it, a dozen officers in plainclothes rushed into her house without showing a search warrant. One of them asked her if she had Falun Gong CDs.

They ransacked her home and confiscated a photo of Master Li Hongzhi (the founder of Falun Gong) photo, several Falun Gong keepsakes, and a computer. They did not give her a list of the confiscated items. They took her to the police station.

Ms. Lu's husband went to the police station. The officers demanded that he sign an arrest statement. He refused and was detained, but escaped several hours later.

During her interrogation, the police ordered her to tell them where she got the Falun Gong materials and books they found in her home, but she refused to cooperate. She denied distributing CDs and destroying the negative propaganda about Falun Gong posted on the bulletin board.

The interrogation lasted into the evening of June 5. She was transferred to the detention center in the morning on June 6.

Violation of Public Security Provision

Ms. Lu hired an attorney from Beijing. The lawyer went to the Jiaonan Police Station on July 17. He challenged deputy chiefs Cai Zhao and Teng Zhaolin about the legal basis for her arrest, since there is no Public Security Provision concerning Falun Gong.

The lawyer argued that his client did not break any law and should be released. The officials said that they would submit her case to the procuratorate within two months. They approved the lawyer's right to visit Ms. Lu.

The lawyer met with Ms. Lu to hear details of her arrest. She said that the police officers did not find any Falun Gong CDs but arrested her anyway.

2001: Sentenced to Eight Years in Prison

Ms. Lu was reported to the Yinzhu Police Station for distributing Falun Gong brochures in 2001. She was arrested and sentenced to eight years in Jinan Women's Prison in August 2001, despite being the mother of two children ages 14 and 7.

Attempting to “transform” Ms. Lu, the warden tortured her. She was held in isolation, shocked with electric batons, beaten, frozen, forced to squat, and deprived of sleep.

Torture re-enactment: Handcuffed with arms behind the back, electric shock, and walking on legs

An inmate pushed Ms. Lu against a wall and caused serious bleeding. She did not receive any medical treatment and was taken to an isolation cell. The authorities demanded that she write the three statements.

The guards ordered inmates to hit Ms. Lu with wooden sticks for an hour and a half. Her back was black and blue. The muscles in her legs were damaged, and she could not walk for a long time.

Participants in the Persecution of Ms. Lu:

Tang Yusheng (唐玉升), chief, Jiaonan Police Station: +086-532-86514Cai Chao (蔡超), deputy chief, Jiaonan Police Station: +086-532-86514Liu Tongzhang (刘同章): Party secretary and chief, Huangdao Branch, Qingdao Police Department: +086-13905422398Men Hongxun (门洪训), attorney general, Jiaonan Procuratorate: +086- 18866393777