(Minghui.org) I've been cultivating in Falun Dafa for six years.

My main Dafa-validation project is the distribution of Minghui magazines and flyers, so I am often on the road and can talk to many people about Falun Dafa and the persecution of the practice in China.

At the beginning, when I wasn't yet so familiar with the background, I just wanted to put informational materials in mailboxes and hoped not to encounter anyone. But often people came out of the house at this very moment or drove up in their car, so I had no choice but to personally hand them the flyers and talk to them. I realized that this was an arrangement by Master so that I could let go of my fear. It took time, but when I completely got rid of this fear, I realized that these people all had a predestined connection with me and had an opportunity to be saved. Today, I am happy about every encounter, and all the people I meet are benevolent and friendly. They often say: “It is good that someone takes care of this. Thank you for taking the time to inform people.” It rarely happened that someone did not want to accept the magazine or flyer.

Once, a girl approached me on a scooter and asked me what I was doing. I gave her a Minghui booklet and explained that this was important information. She went home directly and gave it to her mother. I kept handing out information and shortly afterwards, the girl returned on the scooter. She handed me the booklet and said, “My mother does not want this. But the booklet is so beautiful, I didn't want it to end up in the waste paper container. That's why I'm giving it back to you.” I thanked her, but felt sad in my heart. Later I realized how clear that little girl was!

Once, when I was walking with brochures on a seemingly endlessly long street, my eyes fell on the last house, which was quite far away from the others. My attachment to laziness emerged with the thought of whether I should simply “overlook” this house, because I did not want to walk to the end of the street. But right away, I thought that I am a practitioner; whatever I do must be done thoroughly and well. How am I to face Master when someone loses the chance to be saved because of my laziness? Master helped me, the house was suddenly not so far away. The door opened before I got to the mailbox and a very old lady shouted, “I had thought that you weren't coming!” I was speechless. She approached me and stood very close to me and said, “Oh, you're not Mrs. So-and-so. She used to bring me my mail. But from the looks of things, it looks like you are bringing me something nice.” This experience has shown me how deep predestined relationships can be.

In all these years I have realized that “predestined relationships” could be anywhere in this world. It's not limited to where I live and work.

For example, on my way back from the Fa conference in New York in 2017, I sat next to a really old lady on the subway. But her eyes were clear and awake. I was wearing my Dafa jacket, so we started talking. I was able to tell her about Falun Gong and the parade that took place two days before, and that practitioners in China are persecuted and tortured by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). She was amazed that practitioners from all over the world travel to New York to bring Falun Dafa closer to the people. She asked many questions and before she had to get off, she said, “There is a reason why we met.”

Steadfast Cultivation

A few months ago my daughter lost her job and stayed with me as a matter of emergency, which led to friction with my son, who had reached puberty. For a while the whole situation was hardly bearable for me. Added to this was the pressure and difficulties at my workplace. The promotion for Shen Yun was in full swing as well. How could I manage all this? I felt lonely, and almost fell into depression. I doubted myself, my cultivation, as well as whether this situation would ever improve. While studying the Fa, one section stood out:

“At a certain point in time, you will be made unable to discern clearly whether something is true or not, whether your gong exists or not, whether or not you can cultivate and make it, or whether or not there are Buddhas and if they are real. In the future, these situations will surface again to give you this false impression and make you feel as though they do not exist and are all false—it is to see whether you are determined. You say that you must be firm and sure-footed. With this determination, if you can indeed be firmly resolute at that point, you will naturally do well because your xinxing will have already improved. But you are not yet that stable at the moment.” (Zhuan Falun)

I realized that I should not be wavering, but be steadfast like a diamond, with a calm heart and strong faith in Master. When I realized that, my despair disappeared: I'm never alone. Master is here, Fa is here. What is there to fear? My body suddenly felt lighter, a load seemed to have dropped. I didn't have to worry; everything is arranged by Master.

Master said,

“Get rid of any attachment you have, and don’t think about anything. Just do everything a Dafa disciple should do, and everything will be covered.” (“Teaching the Fa at the Washington, D.C. International Fa Conference” from Guiding the Voyage)

This spring my daughter was offered an apprenticeship in exactly the area she had wanted for a long time. Master arranges everything not only for practitioners but also for other people!

Dear fellow practitioners, let us proceed steadfastly and diligently. This time is precious, let us appreciate what Master gives us.

Please point out anything inappropriate in my sharing.

I thank our revered Master, I thank my fellow practitioners.