(Minghui.org) I started practicing Falun Dafa (also known as Falun Gong) with my mother in 1998, when I was just a few years old. Over the years, I have seen many extraordinary scenes in other dimensions, some of which I would like to share here.


When I was a child, I visited Nantianmen [also South Heaven Gate, in the legend of China, Nantianmen is the first major gate to enter the Heavenly palace] in another dimension. I remember standing before the bright red entrance with a sense of awe.

A lifelike golden dragon engraved on a pillar of the door watched me with its keen eyes and try as I might, I could not escape its gaze. It felt as though the dragon was trying to teach me some kind of lesson. Whether we perform good or bad deeds, nothing can escape the gaze of heaven. A holy atmosphere permeated the gate and its surroundings, though the inside of the gate was devoid of people.

While walking away from Nantianmen, I suddenly saw a crowd of people standing before me. These people looked white and transparent, resembling the concept of human souls. However, unlike normal humans, they emanated a sense of compassion. They were milling around a large white wall, urgently touching it in turn. Curious, I too went forward to touch that wall and saw the number “fifty” appear on its surface.

The significance of that number still remains a mystery to me. I have a faint hint that it could be related to time. Perhaps it is a sign that time is limited and we should seize the opportunity to cultivate.

Other Dimensional Purgatory

Once, I visited another dimension of the human world. Dark colors and a gloomy sky overwhelmed this dimension. It appeared very depressing. Most of the inhabitants had lost their souls, while their bodies wandered around like zombies.

The only people there who were awake and had retained their souls were Falun Dafa practitioners, but there were so few of us that I estimated we numbered less than one in ten thousand.

As Falun Dafa practitioners, my mother and I belonged to the group of those who were awake. In contrast, my father existed as a soulless person. Although he had quit the Chinese Communist Party, he still firmly stood by its beliefs. Every Falun Dafa practitioner had a copy of the book Zhuan Falun. When practitioners physically touched each zombie with their book, a portion of their consciousness would awaken. However there were some who were too lost and could not be awakened, no matter how much we tried. My father was one of those who failed to wake up.

An extremely evil spirit resided in that dimension. It was an incarnation of the devil, a spokesperson for Satan and the evil communist specter. It drove a taxi, from which it threw sober people into that bleak world. The evil spirit eyed me with hate and anger. Unable to turn me into one of the soulless, it wanted to kill me. I was unafraid as I had Master's fashen protecting me. The evil spirit viewed humans as tools to be used at will. It caught a long haired, soulless woman and tried to use her to harm me. The moment we came into contact, part of the soulless woman began to dissolve into smoke. I felt pain and sadness on seeing this, as I knew her body and soul would be completely eliminated.

I realized that evil spirits could not enter the bodies of Falun Dafa practitioners, and were even eliminated on contact. Awakened sentient beings, on the other hand, had to remain vigilant. Evil spirits could revert them to zombies if they let down their guard. In the final scene, I saw a small colorful train ferrying Dafa practitioners away from that bleak world.

Severe Repercussion from One Misstep

In another experience I saw that I had once been a white phoenix. A fellow disciple, a red phoenix, accompanied me. We were spirit birds living in the heavenly realms.

One day, Master suddenly called us to his side. I arrived earlier than my fellow disciple and learned that Master intended to teach the heavenly law in the human world. In that instant, I experienced a sense of jealousy. I did not want my fellow disciple to obtain the Fa and become stronger than me. I created two red birds to block his way, delaying his descent to the human realm in hopes of denying him the opportunity to obtain the Fa.

When my fellow disciple finally reached Master’s side, Master asked, “Why were you late?” He replied that two birds had blocked his path. At that moment, I clearly felt that Master knew I was responsible, yet he said nothing. Perhaps he knew that this would result in a difficult tribulation on my cultivation path.

As I wished, my fellow disciple reached the human world later than me. We both became disciples of Buddha Shakyamuni. Perhaps because of our past history, my feelings for him seemed strange. I neither liked nor disliked him, but I knew with certainty that I didn't want to meet him. If he happened to be in the same city as me, I would immediately travel to another city. I took great pains to avoid seeing him.

Because I acted out of jealousy and continued to run from my mistake while cultivating in the human world, I was barred from entering the holy land of Buddha, although I was only one step away from the threshold. No matter how fast or high I flew, I was unable to break through that invisible barrier blocking my path. Because I failed to confront my mistake, I was unable to reach enlightenment.

From these experiences, I learned the importance of facing up to all of my failings. I hope that sentient beings will learn to treasure this opportunity granted in the Fa rectification period, and cherish their lives by choosing the correct path.

Finally, I would like to apologize for my past misdeed. My fellow disciple, please accept my apology!