(Minghui.org) I am a Falun Dafa practitioner from a medium-size city in China. I was fortunate to begin practicing Falun Dafa in 1997. During the past 20 years, I have gradually grown into a genuine Dafa practitioner. I had previously been very weak and had many diseases, but soon after I began to practice I felt strong, and light all over.

Early in my cultivation, we organized a practice site at our workshop. I brought a tape player there every day, and was responsible for playing the exercise music. Every practitioner there enjoyed studying the Fa and practicing exercises together. We were very diligent in cultivation.

The factory CCP secretary stopped us from practicing Falun Dafa exercises at our workplace after the persecution began on July 20, 1999. He ordered his subordinate to “keep a close watch on that practitioner with the tape player.”

I ignored his warnings and kept on bringing tape player to the practice site. As the persecution became more widespread, we lost our environment for group exercises. It seemed that many people misunderstood us, and this prevented us from practicing the exercises. It was not right. I was determined to help them understand the facts.

I brought several copies of truth clarifying materials about Falun Dafa from a another practitioner. Every night I went to a copy shop nearby to make more copies. As people were sensitive to helping with Falun Dafa materials, some copy shop owners were reluctant to help. I finally found one copy shop owner who was willing to help me and he made some copies at midnight while keeping the door closed.

I was worried about this arrangement, and felt that it couldn't work for long. People should know the truth. Many people had deep misunderstandings about us. Who knows what could happen if they went on like this. I couldn't wait any longer, and I decided to establish my own materials production site.

It was easy to say, but difficult to do. I was already in my seventies. I could use needles, but using a computer, mouse, and keyboard mystified me. With the help of a technically-trained practitioner, I learned how to use a computer.

It was a tough experience for me, from being impatient to being patient, from knowing nothing to being able to work on my own. Yet I was determined to continue walking on this path no matter how difficult it was. No matter how difficult it was, I had confidence that I could overcome the difficulties. It soon no longer felt that difficult.

At that time, my son and daughter-in-law lived together with us. After my grandson was born, I became busier than ever because I had to take care of him, as well as do homework and produce truth clarification materials.

I thank Master for the arrangement. My husband helped with our grandson’s homework, and the cooking, washing, and cleaning. My daughter-in-law, however, was domineering, bossy, and willful. She complained that I was not taking good care of my grandson, and she always found fault with me. The family was not peaceful at all.

My daughter-in-law threatened to report me to the police, and she convinced her family to go against me. But I was not moved and just followed the path arranged by Master. I had a mission to let sentient beings know the truth. I had to go on no matter how much effort was required.

My son divorced my daughter-in-law, then he immigrated to south China. My husband and I had to take care of our grandson. For years, we've been relying on our small income to bring up our grandson. Life was difficult for us, but nothing could shake our confidence in walking on the path of Dafa cultivation.

My husband and grandson lived in a small crowded room and gave me the biggest room for materials production. They never complained. Apart from Master's picture, that room was occupied by printers, a computer, a DVD burner, and production materials.

I made full use of every corner, even the closet and its top shelves. My life was assimilated with them. I devoted all my time and energy to learning, improving, testing, and producing truth clarifying materials. I was finally able to work on my own. A small flower successfully blossomed in my home.

I was pleased from the bottom of my heart, though my smile contained tears and my face was often stained with ink.

A practitioner of my age later came to help me. She didn't know how to use a computer, but she had a very simple heart. For over ten years, she came to help me every day, from morning to night, no matter the weather, and even during the Chinese New Year.

Her husband was the former superintendent of our local police station. He applied many evil means to torture her, but nothing could change her will to cultivate in Dafa. Only Dafa practitioners, the disciples of the Lord of Buddha, are able to achieve such heights.

The materials we produced at first supplied several veteran practitioners who stepped forward to tell people the facts about Falun Dafa. Gradually, more and more practitioners from locations further away joined in.

Many veteran practitioners living miles away wanted to step forward to tell people the facts and save sentient beings. I didn't want to see them take only a few pamphlets and DVDs after waiting for an entire week. I prayed to Master to have two younger practitioners blossom small flowers in their homes.

My wish soon came true. A nearby practitioner who had just retired started producing some materials. She had a good educational background and knew how to operate a computer and other equipment.

She helped enlarge our local production sites. Before this, the most we could produce was 70 copies of the weekly journal, and were unable to meet the requests from many practitioners. Many practitioners still had to share a copy. We had to make pamphlets, burn DVDs, produce Dafa amulets, and print as many copies as possible of Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party.

We kept on producing materials non-stop, while other practitioners went out to distribute them. One practitioner said our materials could cover the entire town several times over.

More and more practitioners have joined us in distributing materials and telling people the facts, so demand for the materials has increased. Fortunately, more and more small flowers blossomed in other practitioners' homes.

We no longer have to work all night. Thanks to Master, we've moved to a new, bigger apartment, which is very quiet, spacious, and convenient. My grandson also has his bigger room and said he feels much safer now. I know this was all arranged by Master.

One elderly practitioner was harassed by police officers after she sued the former CCP despot Jiang, who launched the persecution of Falun Gong. Her son felt ashamed at his workplace about his mother's action and persuaded her to compromise.

However, this practitioner had a firm belief in Dafa and chose to leave her home, where she had been living for decades. She said she didn't want to bring trouble to her son, but she had nowhere to go, so I asked her to live with us. We are very happy working together to validate the Fa and save sentient beings.

We are assimilated to Dafa and enjoy life every day. We produce materials in the morning and study the Fa together in the afternoon.

One elderly woman wanted to study the Fa after hearing the facts about Falun Dafa from a practitioner at a supermarket. I asked her to join our Fa study group. She just listened to us reading the Fa at first, because she was illiterate. Later she tried to follow us reading the book. She is now able to read the entire Zhuan Falun book. It's really miraculous. She picks up a big bag of truth clarifying materials at my home every day and goes out to distribute them, even in wind and rain. She has never given up doing this even though she has some difficulties walking.

One practitioner's husband passed away. Her son, who does not live with her, left a granddaughter in her care. Her granddaughter is now a senior in high school. Though busy, this practitioner is very enthusiastic in clarifying the truth and saving people. She often picks up materials from me and distributes them. She never stops even when suffering serious sickness karma.

One middle-aged practitioner has persisted over the last decade in purchasing facilities and distributing materials to practitioners. He does it whole-heartedly. Because he does this, he has given up many opportunities to make money for himself. His son is going to be married, but he still lives in a rented apartment. All his siblings and family blame him, but he never wavers.

We encourage and help each other. We, as one body, are walking on the path of assisting Master in Fa rectification and saving sentient beings. We profoundly know that our lives were endowed by Master and that it's our responsibility and mission to awaken sentient beings at this critical moment when disasters are occurring.

Thank you, Master, for all these intricate arrangements, making us so fortunate and honored to do what Dafa practitioners should do, and becoming the most honored lives in this universe. We must be more diligent and cooperative, not let down Master's compassionate grace, and not let down the expectations of sentient beings.

Thank you, Master. Thank you, fellow practitioners.