(Minghui.org) My collaboration with other practitioners mainly involves driving them to the countryside or remote places to distribute our informational materials about Falun Dafa and its persecution by the Chinese Communist Party.

I did this for years. However, after I worked in another city for over three months and then returned, I felt very tired of this task. I even began to avoid fellow practitioners if I saw them on the street.

I thought: “I could write articles, and I could clarify the facts face to face. That would be much easier and safer, and I would be complying with the Fa that way.” I felt it was difficult to cooperate with the other practitioners to distribute materials in remote places. My hair had even begun to turn gray because of it, but some practitioners still complained about me a lot.

Then I sold my car and discontinued my collaboration with the other practitioners. The practitioners in my area who used to drive with me observed me in silence. I felt much more at ease and had fewer concerns, hardships, and conflicts with other practitioners. I had more quiet and comfort. At times, however, I also felt something was not right, but I was unsure what it was.

Master knows everything. Only days after I plunged into this state, Master’s new Fa-teaching “Be More Diligent” was published. I was very much taken aback after reading it. I began to reflect: How might my recent behavior affect other practitioners and the general situation in our area? Should I withdraw when facing interference? These thoughts were selfish and wrong! I was awakened by Master’s Fa, and I decided to continue on the path I was on and face all pressures.

First, I knew I should buy a car again. I had a dream the night before I went to get one: A life spoke to me anxiously, “See, I am tough. I will never turn over or fall. I can cross rivers and hills!” I looked up and down at that being in another dimension and saw that it had a long elephant-like nose, a tank-like body, and a radar detector on its hood. The next day, I went to buy the car. At first glance, it seemed twice as large as my old one.

That same day, we went to distribute DVDs and finished a whole town overnight. I realized that only when we collaborate well can we save more people and progress toward consummation. That’s what Master wants.

I returned home and did the 5th exercise. Immediately after I concentrated, I saw fairies gently tossing flowers. They were holding flower baskets. The flowers they threw sometimes dropped in a line and sometimes dropped from different spots, falling endlessly. It was marvelous! After the meditation, I slept and had a dream: My main spirit went to another dimension, where a tall mountain blocked my way. Suddenly, the mountain exploded and disappeared into black dust. Then I saw a large row of characters in the sky—“Dafa Dissolves Obsolete Notions of the Old Cosmos.”

Thanks again to the practitioners who helped me. I can participate in saving sentient beings at the front lines because my fellow practitioners are supporting me and collaborating as a whole body. All achievements are from the Fa.