(Minghui.org) There are seven older Falun Dafa practitioners in our Fa-study group. The oldest is 85 years old, and the youngest is 63. All of us started practicing Dafa before the persecution began on July 20, 1999.

The spouses of five practitioners have passed away. In order to do the three things well, we do not live with our children.

We often encounter undercover police officers or people who want to report us to the police for clarifying the facts about Falun Dafa and the persecution. We treat everyone with compassion, explain the truth, and display a practitioner's goodness.

During the past 19 years, with Master's guidance, we continued to improve in our cultivation while doing the three things. Holding righteous thoughts allowed us to overcome all kinds of tribulations and persecution, and we gradually matured on our cultivation path.

Using Every Moment to Clarify the Truth

We study the Fa three times a week, after which we exchange thoughts and experiences. We are thus able to improve our xinxing.

Master said,

“...have you thought about what’s going to become of those who haven’t cultivated well? Some people still have a chance, but some no longer do. For some there is still time left, and for some their only hope is to sprint.” (“Fa Teaching at the 2015 West Coast Fa Conference”)

We enlightened that Fa-rectification is approaching its end. The time we have left is given to us by Master. We must use every moment to cultivate and clarify the facts about Dafa. Elderly practitioners should speed up doing the three things and not miss this precious cultivation opportunity.

Practitioner Xinhua, 79 years old, is the local coordinator. She said, “We get informational materials about Dafa from fellow practitioners for distribution to the public. We place the materials in bike baskets and car windshields. This is not an effective way, so we should talk to people face-to-face.”

We immediately acted on that idea. We meet at 7:30 a.m. at a bus station or rent a minivan to go to the local market. We divide into two small groups. One group clarifies the facts at the market, and the other group goes to local villages. We do this five days a week and five to six hours a day.

Our daily activities include studying the Fa, preparing the materials needed for the next day, and send righteous thoughts at midnight. We get up at around 3 a.m. to do the exercises. At 6 a.m. we send righteous thoughts and leave our house after breakfast.

At a market, an older gentleman who had quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) said with his thumb up, “You come out in all kinds of weather. Dafa is amazing.”

Practitioner Xinhua could not come with us one day. She used Sunday to make up for lost time and went to the bus station of a hospital and a park to talk to people about Dafa. She helped over 20 people quit the Party.

Learning to Use Computers

Through studying the Fa and sharing experiences, we realized that we should overcome the thought of being elderly and eliminate attachments of relying on other practitioners to produce informational materials. To do this, we needed computers. We were computer-illiterate.

Master said, “The cultivation is up to you, gong is up to the master.” (Zhuan Falun) We believed that Master only wants to see our hearts. Thus, we gave it a try.

Soon, we each bought a computer and a printer, and a fellow practitioner taught us how to use this equipment.

Practitioner Zhumei once was detained by the police for clarifying the facts. Thus, her husband did not allow her to make Dafa materials at home because he was afraid. Zhumei told him, “Everyone makes his/her own materials. I can't always trouble others for it.”

She took good care of her husband and always brought him something when she returned home from the market. Then, her husband allowed her to make the materials at home.

Construction Workers Experience the Power of Dafa

The most important thing when telling people the truth face-to-face is to study the Fa. We can do well only when we study the Fa well, which helps us maintain righteous thoughts. Besides studying the Fa, we use all available time to study, recite and transcribe the Fa.

Last year, we went to a village to clarify the facts. One family was building a new home. When we were talking to construction workers, a large piece of lumber fell, hit practitioner Guihua's head, and knocked her down. Guihua thought, “Master, save me! I am alright.”

Guihua had a big lump on her head. The construction supervisor was scared and immediately apologized to Guihua. She said, “Don't worry. I am a Dafa practitioner and my master protects me. I am alright and won't demand anything from you.” The supervisor was instantly relieved and said, “You are truly good people. Give me your materials. I will help distribute them. I will also help anyone quit the Party and its youth organizations.”

The following day, Guihua's eyes were swollen. Had it not been for Master's protection, she could have been in real danger. She put on a pair of sunglasses and continued to talk to people as usual.

Believing in Master and the Fa

When faced with sickness karma, we don't let the thought of being old dominate our mind. Instead, we firmly believe in Master and Dafa. We encourage and help each other.

Master said,

“I want to tell you, no matter how awful you might feel, do your best to keep coming to the class, and as soon as you walk into the auditorium all of your symptoms will be gone, and there won’t be any danger.” (Zhuan Falun)

We realized that whatever tribulation we encounter, we must participate in group Fa study. No matter how uncomfortable we feel, we must go out, clarify the truth about Dafa, and walk the path Master has arranged for us, which is the safest way.