(Minghui.org) The police have installed facial recognition systems at the Changchun Train Station gates. The system is designed to immediately establish people's identities. When a Falun Gong practitioner passes through the gate, scanned information is transmitted to the cell phones of on-duty police officers. The police officers then wait for and stop the practitioner at the boarding door of a particular car.

The first thing they inspect is the practitioner’s carry-on bag. They then check this person's cash to see if there are any messages about Falun Gong written on the currency bills. They then ask for an ID card and take them to their office, where they search all their luggage, take photos, then take them to a detention center.

According to police sources, officers have a monthly quota to meet and work hard to meet these quotas.

One instance involved practitioner Ms. Sun Guizhi on June 22, 2018. When she arrived at the door of a car at the Taizhou-bound train, a police officer requested to inspect her carry-on bag. He first checked her money, then confiscated her ID card, and took her to the police office. He proceeded to check her other luggage and opened the locked ones by force, took photos, then seized her money and telephone cards.

After disregarding Ms. Sun's advice not to say disrespectful things toward Dafa and the teacher of Falun Gong (Mr. Li Hongzhi), four of the officers experienced nausea and vomited.