(Minghui.org) Mr. Cui Lu, a government employee in Zhuolu County, Hebei Province, was released in May 2018 after nine years in prison for refusing to give up his belief in Falun Gong, a spiritual discipline being persecuted by the Chinese Communist Party. Brutally tortured in prison, he was on the verge of a mental collapse.

Although Mr. Cui, in his 50s, was well respected both at home and at work for his kindness, he was arrested on March 19, 2009.

He was force-fed so savagely while he was in detention that he ended up in a desperate condition. Details can be found in this report: Mr. Cui Lu Holds Hunger Strike to Protest Persecution.

Mr. Cui was then sentenced to nine years in prison and taken to the Jidong Branch of Hebei Prison on September 1, 2009, to serve his term.

Below are the principal ways he was tortured. He was:

1. Brutally force-fed for about five months2. Deprived of sleep for about one month3. Punched, kicked, and beaten by several people at once. Once, a tooth was knocked out. (Prison officials did not allow his family to see him afterward so they wouldn't see what happened to him.)4. Had his fingertips jabbed with needles

Torture reenactment: Piercing fingertips with needles.

5. Burned on his neck with cigarette butts6. Nearly drowned by being pushed into a large water barrel

Torture reenactment: Drowning

7. Doused with cold water after being stripped8. Confined 10 times in a solitary cell and forced to sit in one position (for more than 200 days total)9. Sprayed in the face and eyes with hot pepper water, causing skin burns and force-fed salty hot pepper water10. Forced to watch videos that defamed Falun Gong11. Handcuffed, shackled, and shocked with electric batons and beaten with an electric baton after being shocked12. Restrained on a Tiger bench for more than seven hours (The rope had to be loosened every 15 minutes because he had trouble breathing. His lungs were damaged and he vomited blood.)

Torture reenactment: Tiger Bench

13. Restrained on a Death bed for more than two months total

Torture Enactment: Death Bed

14. Starved15. Almost suffocated by having his mouth stuffed with rags16. Exposed to the cold on winter nights with open windows, deprived of warm clothes and blankets17. Tied to a bed for more than ten nights in freezing weather with the windows open (His legs were injured and his toenails eventually loosened and sloughed off.)18. Sent to the Strictly-Controlled Unit on March 6, 2018, because he said loudly “Falun Dafa is good!”

Mr. Cui's mother suffered long-term stress and depression as a result of her son being incarcerated. She passed away in July 2017.

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