(Minghui.org) While a 77-year-old woman remains imprisoned for her faith, her 98-year-old mother is longing for her return.

Ms. Zhu Ruimin was walking on the street on October 11, 2014 when she was seized by officers Jiang Yuandong and Jiang Mingfu. The police targeted her because she had refused to renounce Falun Gong, a spiritual discipline being persecuted by the Chinese communist regime. Her home was ransacked hours later.

The police released her later that day after she failed the required medical examination for detention.

Xishi District Court in Yingkou City notified Ms. Zhu on June 3, 2015 that she had been sentenced to four years in prison. She appealed, but Yingkou City Intermediate Court upheld the original verdict.

Ms. Zhu was admitted to Dabei Prison in Shenyang City on January 12, 2016. She has since been forced to make Q-tip cotton swabs there every day.

Ms. Zhu's pension was suspended shortly after her arrest. Her mother, who lives with her, was so traumatized by her arrest that she fell ill. She remains bedridden and requires tube-feeding.