(Minghui.org) In Greek mythology, Prometheus defied Zeus by stealing fire from Mount Olympus and giving it to humankind because he couldn’t bear to see them suffering. Enraged, Zeus had him bound to a rock cliff, where each day an eagle would tear out and eat his liver, which would then grow back just to be eaten again the next day. Every day, for thousands of years, the immortal Prometheus suffered unspeakable pain. At last, Hercules found him on the cliff, shot the eagle, and freed him.

The Modern Prometheans

Over the course of history, people who've suffered enormously to bring people light and hope have been called Prometheans. Falun Gong practitioners, especially those in China, have suffered tremendous psychological and physical torment for the past 19 years. In the process, more people who know about the persecution have chosen to sit with practitioners at the vigils to show their support.

Choosing to Stand By What Is Good

Every year, rallies to protest the persecution of Falun Gong are held all over the world. This year's rally in Washington DC was held on the West Lawn of Capitol Hill on June 20, 2018. Congressman Dana Rohrabacher, who is also a senior member of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, said at the event, “I am proud to stand with you and always have been.” He believes that once Americans understand what the practitioners have done, the values they represent, and their honesty and care for mankind, Americans will side with the practitioners.

Congressman Rohrabacher introduced House Resolution 932 on June 8, 2018, supporting the Chinese people in quitting the Chinese Communist Party and its affiliations and calling for an immediate end to the campaign to persecute Falun Gong practitioners. The resolution has been referred to the House Committee on Foreign Affairs.

Over the past 19 years, such kind support has been passed down to the next generation. Atticus Swett, grandson of the late congressman Tom Lantos, a long term human rights activist, voiced his support at the rally: “Falun Gong practitioners represent the very best of humanity…. I am honored to be among you, and I am filled with admiration for the example you are to the world.” Swett spoke of his respect for practitioners’ steadfast belief and high standard of conduct in the face of the relentless persecution. He believes that people of conscience will continue to advocate for them.

Congressman Donald Payne promised that he would attend practitioners' rallies to protest the persecution every year until the persecution ends. The Payne family’s support of Falun Gong was passed down from his father Donald M. Payne, the former New Jersey congressman who passed away in 2012.

A Story of Unshakable Belief, Perseverance, and Endurance

For 19 years, in the face of torture, slander, forced organ harvesting, and genocide, Falun Gong practitioners have endured, peacefully and with courage. Robert Herman, vice president of Freedom House, described practitioners as more than victims and survivors, but as examples of unshakable belief, perseverance, and endurance.

Twenty-eight US congressional representatives and senators sent letters to the rally in support of practitioners’ efforts to end the persecution.