(Minghui.org) Because of my belief in Falun Dafa, I have been imprisoned in Jiangxi Province Women's Prison, where I was forced to do manual labor and tortured, and witnessed cruel persecution of other Falun Gong practitioners.

Falun Gong practitioners are not allowed to speak to or greet anyone; if they do, they are punished. Any Falun Gong practitioner who comes the first time is assigned two inmates to supervise her 24 hours a day. The most common punishments are long-term standing and being closely monitored by prisoners all the time, even while eating, sleeping and using the restroom.

Most of the prisoners who keep close watch on Falun Gong practitioners are murderers, drug traffickers and money defrauders. Directed by the guards, these prisoners are ruthless. They have their prison terms shortened by torturing Falun Gong practitioners and forcing them to renounce their belief.

Guards often brainwash these prisoners, saying they are “well-trained.” From time to time, the guards purchase food and daily items for the criminal inmates, so that they will make more efforts to persecute practitioners. If at any time they are not submissive to the guards, they are immediately replaced.

When I was imprisoned, I witnessed and heard about several torture methods used on Falun Gong practitioners.

Binding clothes were used in all eight sections of the prison. Xiao Ye, a jail guard who specialized in persecuting Falun Gong practitioners, said they had enough binding clothes for disobedient prisoners. They connected clothes with pants, and the inner sides of the pants were connected, too, so that anyone wearing them could only move in little steps. Criminal inmates as well as Falun Gong practitioners were forced to wear these binding clothes.

Prisoners were handcuffed and hung up by the cuffs. The prisoner was hung up from morning till night, with feet pointing to the ground but not able to actually touch or stand flat on the ground. The prisoner was released only at meal time. A prisoner might also have her fingers bound with a rope and hung up. Some prisoners have died from the torture.

Illustration: Handcuffed and Hung up

A prisoner could be ordered to squat and not allowed to stand up from morning till night.

Without access to the restroom, a prisoner could be tied to a bed, not able to move, with arms and legs tied to four corners of the bed. They would be forced to urinate and excrete in their pants on the bed.

Torture Demonstration: Handcuffed to the Bed

Prisoners would have only rice or steam bread for their meals.

Prisoners could be forced to do prison labor the whole day, from 5:00am until 10:00pm. When they returned to their cell, they would stand until 2:00am. There was no sitting.

During an “Attack Period,” Falun Gong practitioners would be deprived of sleep 24 hours a day until they gave up their belief. Practitioners would be exhausted, heavy-headed, mentally weak and finally would give in. I was transformed against my will under such an attack by criminal inmates and former practitioners who had already given up their belief.

Falun Gong practitioners who were not transformed had severe restrictions on family calls and were not allowed family visitations.

The slave labor in Sub-Prison 6 was production of umbrellas. This work was the most tiring in the entire sub-prison and given only to Falun Gong practitioners.

Practitioners between the ages of 50 to over 70 bent their backs to push baskets of umbrellas (each basket was 80 to 90 pounds) to their work tables, and then assembled the umbrellas one by one. Each basket had to be finished within less than 10 minutes. They had to stack boxes of packed umbrellas. The baskets were not equipped with wheels, so the work was very difficult.

There was one rule in the prison work shop: No one was allowed to help others; Whoever helps others would be punished. Days stretched to years of umbrellas pushed back and forth so that the ground became soft and bumpy. Falun Gong practitioner Ms. Liu Xiaoci, over 70, once fell down on the uneven surface and couldn't get back up on her own. The guard refused to let anyone help her up.

The following is a list of police officers and inmates who have participated in persecuting Falun Gong practitioners.

Sub-Prison 3:Police officers: Wu Jingmin, Lu Yuan, Ding XianMain prisoners: Yang Lihong, Huang Haizhen, Zhang Yanmei, Wu Ting

Sub-Prison 1:Main prisoner: Qi Lijuan

Sub-Prison 6:Police officers: Xiao Ye, Zhao Yubing, YeMain prisoner: Chu Hongmei, Xiao Wenting, Duan Jing, Qiu Mingxiu