(Minghui.org) I am Vietnamese. I started practicing Falun Dafa in mid-2015, and I have been cultivating for about 30 months.

First of all, I would like to thank our compassionate Master Li Hongzhi. You have brought the light to our lives, giving them new meaning.

I would also like to thank the practitioners who work on the Minghui website, through which practitioners are connected with each other and have the opportunity to share our cultivation experiences that help us to elevate so much in our cultivation. I also thank fellow practitioners from all over the world, especially those in Mainland China, whose perseverance throughout the severe persecution have inspired me on my cultivation path to help Master rectify the Fa.

I wrote this article in response to the notice on Minghui, but I was not very confident that I had done well or met Master's expectations, especially when it came to clarifying the truth. In fact, I still choose who I will talk to about Dafa. When I read the notice, however, I realized that this was an opportunity to help me cultivate better as well as part of our important mission as Dafa disciples to help people understand what Falun Dafa is.

I would like to share some of the amazing experiences in cultivating Dafa that have happened to me and my family.

Beginning to Practice Falun Dafa

I was born and grew up in a family of intellectuals, with well-educated parents of high social standing. I earned a Masters degree in Economics. We were educated based on the scientific system of dialectical materialism, so I never believed in Buddha or God. If someone told me something like that, I would think it was superstitious and did not exist.

My parents had been practicing Falun Dafa for six years. Witnessing the wonderful changes in their physical and mental health, as well as improvements in their hearts and minds, I was totally convinced by the power of Falun Gong. At that time, however, I thought that Falun Gong was simply for health and fitness purposes, so when my parents asked me to practice it, I said that I would when I retired because I currently had no time and was not ill.

But I did take the book Zhuan Falun home to read. I was fascinated as soon as I read the first lecture, and it took me two days to finish the entire book. The principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance really amazed me and changed my viewpoint on life totally. After reading it again and again, I gained more understandings and strengthened my belief in Dafa and Master. By studying the Fa I was able to find answers to many of my questions about life.

Experiencing the Miracle of Dafa

I used to suffer from chronic ailments like sinusitis, constipation, and gynecological problems, so I had to take medication regularly. I worried that, if my cervical inflammation got worse, it would develop cervical cancer. But after nearly a month of reading Zhuan Falun, all of my chronic ailments completely disappeared even though I'd only started doing the exercises a month after that.

Realizing how great the Fa is, I encouraged my mother-in-law to study it. She used to suffer from severe high blood pressure and neurological disorders. She'd even had a stroke and had to take blood pressure medication every day. Every three months, she had to have injections, but her condition became more serious, and she had to have injections more frequently.

When she started reading Zhuan Falun, her condition gradually improved although she didn’t take any pills. Master purified her body. By diligently reading Dafa books, my mother-in-law improved her xinxing and her understanding of the Fa. She gradually let go of her attachment to her condition. At the age of 66, she works harder than a young person. Her day starts at 4 a.m. She does the five Falun Gong exercises in two hours before going to work, where she is the master chef at her daughter’s restaurant until 8 p.m. Witnessing how the health of my mother-in-law improved, my sister-in-law and her mother-in-law also started practicing Dafa in June 2017.

My parents are also Dafa practitioner parents. My father is 82 and my mother is 79. They have been cultivating for more than six years and are very diligent. They used to suffer from many health problems, especially my mother, who was near death. My father suffered from severe asthma and hemorrhoids. My mother had high blood pressure, gallstones, and cardiomyopathy. Master purified their bodies, and they are very healthy now. They can go anywhere and do whatever they need to do while their children no longer have to worry about them.

My parents just returned from a tour to see Shen Yun Performing Arts in Taiwan. They went with other practitioners, most of whom are in their 70s but all healthy and full of energy. It was a hectic journey, and the tour guide was surprised at their stamina. He said that he was worried when he saw the list of elderly people on his tour. But after the trip, he said in admiration, “Falun Dafa practitioners are very healthy!”

Having benefited from Dafa, my parents respect Dafa from the bottom of their hearts and express their deep gratitude to Master.

My daughter, who graduated from college and has been working for more than a year now, has been practicing Dafa for nearly three years. She took up the practice a month before I did when my parents introduced Dafa to her during her summer vacation. She started practicing it to cure her severe dermatological condition. She used to take plenty of drugs and saw specialists at different healthcare facilities, but was never cured. The condition improved at times but became worse again, making her very sad and worried. After practicing Dafa, she understood that it was the universal truth, and her view of life changed. Her skin has become smooth and glows, with no scars left. It is truly amazing.

My brother is also a practitioner. He used to be a doctor and had earned many Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. He always did very well in school. When I encouraged him to read Zhuan Falun, I was very confident that he would start cultivating as soon as he finished because he was an intellectual and a physician, who should be receptive to Master's lectures. But he always said he was busy, that he would learn Dafa when he retired.

I would be so sorry if my brother missed this unique opportunity, so I encouraged him patiently. Master finally also arranged an opportunity for him to read the book and listen to the lectures on video. As I predicted, he decided to cultivate when he realized that what Master said was more profound and extraordinary than any science he had ever known. Master purified his body, and all of my brother's symptoms of sinusitis, hemorrhoids, and cardiovascular disease disappeared. His wife started cultivating Dafa with him.

Improving Xinxing and Becoming Good People

Even though I have a fulltime job, ever since I obtained the Fa, I do the five exercises and study the Fa regularly. When I am busy, I make up for it the next day. I also try to arrange my work so that I can send forth righteous thoughts four times every day.

I’m a civil servant. In today's market economy, money is the motivation, and people often pursue it any way they can. I’m honest and do not attach much importance to money, but it is not easy to decline under-the-table profits in this money-driven environment.

As I got more solid in cultivation through regular Fa study, my viewpoint changed dramatically. I gave back the dishonest funds that I took during my early days of cultivation. I learned to prioritize when it comes to personal interests. By letting go of personal interests, I feel relieved and enjoy peace of mind. My xinxing elevated, and I experienced many significant changes. I always try my best to do my job well. My colleagues hold me in high regard due to my honesty and kind heart.

I was pretty short-tempered. Ever since I started cultivating Dafa, I've been able to control myself and follow the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. I often remain calm in conflicts. At home, I try not to argue with my husband even when he does not treat me properly. His mother lives with us, and I take care of her and treat her as my own mother. My husband often says she gives more privileges to her daughter-in-law than to her own son. My mother-in-law is also a practitioner so we are always very kind to each other. Sometimes there are conflicts in my family, but we strive to look inward to overcome our shortcomings so that we can handle it better the next time.

My sister-in-law enjoys the same wonderful experience. She told me that her mother-in-law was very difficult in the past, but since she started cultivating Dafa, she has become calm and considerate. My sister-in-law said, “Dafa is so great.”

My parents hung a picture of Master in their living room, and whenever we have a conflict, we all look up to the picture and immediately know what we should do. We will restrain ourselves and look inward unconditionally.

There are 16 Dafa practitioners in my family: my parents, my two older brothers and their wives, my elder sister and her husband, my two nieces, my sister-in-law and her mother-in-law, and four people in my little family. We all feel very happy and fortunate that we have obtained the Fa. Dafa has given my family great happiness, great health and we all learn to live by the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance.

We would like to thank Master for his great benevolent compassion!

Thank you, fellow practitioners!