(Minghui.org) It’s been 16 years since I joined Minghui in 2002 to compile truth-clarification materials. Our materials went from unprofessional to professional, and I experienced a very precious cultivation journey.

In the beginning, we received huge numbers of brochures, flyers, and other materials from mainland practitioners. I had an everyday people’s job and could only squeeze in time after work to compile them. Every day I had to spend several hours working on them. This lasted until 2013 when the Minghui materials team published an article to make adjustments to the production of truth-clarification materials. We condensed a lot of materials and began to publish Minghui Weekly. Our workload became less.

During these 16 years, I've gone from feeling excited and curious to having to overcome the monotony and boredom of the routine job. Now I can do my Minghui work with a calm mind. Looking back, I am deeply grateful to have the opportunity to be part of Minghui. I thank Master for giving me such a precious opportunity.

One of my main responsibilities is to review already edited brochures, flyers, and local editions of Minghui Weekly. A lot of times I need to adjust the layout and correct typos, dates, and other details. With regard to local versions of Minghui Weekly, my job is to read and revise local cases of persecution. Many quiet nights when I am reading those cases, I feel like I am being persecuted myself. My emotions spill over as I read, including indignity, sadness, depression, anxiety, and rationality. I sometimes shed tears when I read the articles. All these years my heart has been with mainland practitioners. I am very familiar with the names of those who are being persecuted and I know all too well how they have been tortured.

My other job is to select Fahui articles for publication. This is an opportunity to read experience sharing articles from practitioners from all walks of life. I’ve benefited a lot and felt really lucky to have a chance to read those articles. A lot of articles go unpublished, and I may be the only one who reads them. Still, I see shining hearts and deep appreciation of Master and Dafa in those articles. They may not be published on Minghui, but they have been published in the universe and have left their mark in every dimension. I feel those articles create a symphony of music that flows throughout the cosmos. As a witness to this, I am moved to tears on many occasions.

Every time I feel frustrated by my everyday people’s job or other Dafa projects, my mind will calm down whenever I sit down to compile truth-clarification materials. I feel that my mind has been cleansed and my mindset has been rectified. Our coordinator asked us to write an article to share how we persist in doing Minghui work, and my thinking is that Master’s strengthening and care make it all possible. Minghui work is not just a chore to be finished every day but an integral part of my life. I know we won’t need truth-clarification materials when the persecution ends. But as long as we still need them, I will compile them diligently.

I thank Minghui for giving me such a cultivation opportunity. I thank the practitioners on different Minghui teams for tolerating and supporting me.

I thank Master for strengthening and watching over me!


(Selected Experience Sharing Paper from the 2018 Minghui Fa Conference, Abridged)