(Minghui.org) I am a retired elementary school teacher. I have lagged behind in cultivation due to strong human attachments. I am fortunate to have come back to Falun Dafa cultivation.

My husband experienced another stroke and was rushed to a hospital by ambulance on August 3, 2013. A Cat Scan (CT) and a Magnetic Resonance Neurography (MRN) showed the stroke had affected a large area of his brain, and he was in critical condition. 

The next day the hospital told me to be prepared for the worst. The doctor even told us that, although my husband would be closely monitored, no further rescue efforts would be made.

I could not believe that the doctor could say that. I thought the doctor had overstated the situation. My children asked me to call my niece, who was a doctor. I didn't' want to bother her, nor did I think that she would be of help. So I told my children that this time it would all depend on the fate of their father.

I thought about Dafa, and I knew that only Dafa could help him. I went to his bed and asked him, “Do you want to live? If yes, blink your eyes.” I saw his eyelash move, so I told him, “From now on just think, 'Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.' If you agree, blink your eyes again.” I then saw he moved his eyelashes again.

I continued, “OK, from now on I will recite with you 'Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.' As long as you are conscious, keep reciting these two sentences nonstop.” I was standing beside his bed and could feel that he was very afraid. He realized he had little time left.

Three days later, the power of Dafa made itself known. He could lift his arm a bit, and it was not difficult for him to turn over. His condition improved.

Thus, I was ready to change my relatives' attitude toward Dafa, so I called my niece and told her my husband had been in the hospital for three days. She understood that it was a stroke and was very concerned. She told me she would come immediately.

At the hospital she talked with the attending doctor and reviewed the medical record. Then she called in her husband who used to work at this hospital. She smiled at me and said everything would be fine and told me to relax. However, when she talked to the doctors they were all very serious. Initially, I thought the doctors had overstated how bad my husband's condition was, but now I understood the seriousness of the situation.

The next day, my niece came when my husband was lifting his arm. “That is impossible.” Surprised, she backed away and said, “Aunt, let me check his medical record again.” When she came back she appeared confused and repeated, “Impossible, it is impossible. How could Uncle move? It is not explainable.”

Due to the attachment to fear, I did not tell her that we were reciting the two Dafa sentences. My husband was improving. The doctors told us that this was one of the most serious cases they had ever seen, but also one with the fastest recovery. Now, when I look back, I realize that I missed a good opportunity to talk to them about Falun Dafa due to my lack of righteous thoughts.

When we left the hospital, the doctor told us not to be optimistic. Based on the doctor, the best prognosis would be a stable condition, bedridden, but with no chance to regain his ability to speak.

On the day he left the hospital my husband pulled out the nasogastric tube. My family started to practice Falun Dafa together. Six months later, my husband could do everything on his own. He was not in a vegetative state.

Out of curiosity, my niece came to see my husband every week. I was thinking about how to persuade her to withdraw from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). One time she said to me that my husband was lucky. I told her it was not about luck, that it was because of Falun Dafa. I told her that we started to recite “Falun Dafa is good and Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good” from the second day in the hospital. She said it was incredible. Then I further clarified the truth to her. The next time she came, I continued to clarify the truth to her and she finally agreed to quit the CCP. She told me that my husband's situation was still very serious.

I asked what would usually happen with someone in his condition. She told me that if the stroke affected the trachea, there was no hope. Even if he could survive, he would be in a vegetative state. She also told me that what happened to my husband could not be explained by medical science.

I told her that only the power of Falun Dafa can bring about a miracle. She agreed that was the only explanation. She told us to practice secretly at home because of the persecution. I said, "Why practice secretly? We want to introduce Dafa to more people!"