(Minghui.org) Falun Gong practitioner Ms. Hu Yanmin, 60, was a successful business owner in the Xishi District of Yingkou City. However, she was persecuted for her belief, and has been illegally detained in Dabei Prison in Shenyang for four years. Her business was forced to close.

Ms. Hu's husband passed away when he was young. Her only son has been living overseas with his wife and two sons. Although she was on her own, Ms. Hu was not lonely. Because she practices Falun Gong and is kind to everyone, she helps anyone who is in need. Her business was growing, and turning a good profit.

Four years ago, the business was very promising and successful, but because of the Chinese Communist Party's persecution of Falun Gong, the business failed. Her son was too far away to save the business. Ms. Hu not only suffered significant financial loss, but also her substantial market share.

Ms. Hu and three other practitioners were arrested by officers from the Laobian District Yingdong Xincheng Police Substation, in the Huanxindian Residential area on August 25, 2014. She was illegally detained at the Yingkou City Detention Center. Nine months later, on May 27, 2015, the Laobian District Court of Yingkou held a secret hearing against Ms. Hu and four other practitioners. She was illegally sentenced to a seven-year prison sentence.

Ms. Hu appealed to the Yingkou Intermediate Court but the original sentence was upheld. Ms. Hu’s family was notified on August 31, 2015 to meet with her. The next day, she was sent to the Eighth Prison Ward at Dabei Prison in Shenyang.

Ms. Hu has been illegally arrested at least three times over the past nineteen years of persecution. On September 28, 2012, Jiang Mingfu from the Xishi District Security Division, under orders from team leader Zhang Ji, broke into a second floor window of Ms. Hu’s home. At the time, Ms. Hu was taking care of her 80-year-old mother. The police illegally searched her house and took away personal belongings without considering the elderly mother’s condition. They arrested Ms. Hu, but released her after she showed symptoms of high blood pressure. They then fined her 30,000 yuan.

Police from the Xishi District Wutaizi Police Substation kept harassing Ms. Hu at home in February 2013. She was forced to abandon her home and factory. The police continued to harass and threaten her.

Ms. Hu currently remains illegally detained. She has not only lost her home, but also her successful and promising business.