(Minghui.org) Quite a few local elderly practitioners have been interfered with by sickness karma. Some passed away and some struggled passively.

A 78-year-old practitioner used to do the three things well and progressed diligently, but she never seemed to be able to clarify the truth to her family properly. One day she fell out of bed and was rushed to the hospital. Her family isolated her and refused to let any of us practitioners visit her. She dared not study or listen to the Fa because her family wouldn’t let her.

Over time, she strayed from the Fa and her health deteriorated, leaving her paralyzed from the waist down. Other practitioners tried to get in touch with her to help her study the Fa and do the exercises, but she was too afraid to let us into her house.

She later began to blame the Fa for what happened. She watched television a lot and had a maid take care of her. As a result of her attachment to comfort, she can now barely move. It is sad that a once good practitioner has ended up like this and caused people that know her to have negative thoughts about Dafa.

Of course there have also been truly diligent practitioners who got through tribulations with their firm belief in Master and the Fa. With their righteous thoughts and help from fellow practitioners, they recovered from sickness karma quickly.

Another practitioner was diagnosed with failing kidneys and told she would need dialysis. Her family rented her an apartment next to the hospital so that she could get there easily, but she didn’t go along with her family’s plan. She wasn't particularly diligent in the past, but with practitioners’ help, she began to study the Fa attentively, do the exercises regularly, and send righteous thoughts. With her steadfast belief in Master and the Fa, she looked within and turned down dialysis. She began to recover and gained weight. Later on she was able to start giving out fliers and do Dafa work at home.

When the evil forces persecute practitioners, especially the elderly ones, we must firmly believe that, as true practitioners, we cannot be sick. If we feel ill, we should first deny the evil persecution and thoroughly clear out the bad elements from our dimensions by sending righteous thoughts and studying the Fa. As we eliminate the old forces’ persecution, we should be very clear that we are Dafa disciples and only walk the path that Master has arranged for us so that we can help with Fa rectification. Master will help rectify whatever we have done wrong if we can look within to find our faults and attachments and correct them.

Master says:

“If you can truly cultivate, when you can truly let go of your attachment to living or your fear of death--and not just act that way for others to see while constantly thinking about it inside--then no matter what kind of illness you have, it will be cured. In cultivation, the difference between humanness and godhood is just the difference of one thought. This difference of one thought sounds easy, but it can be achieved only with a deep and solid foundation in cultivation. If you can really devote a lot of effort to studying the Fa, you will be able to achieve that.” (Teaching the Fa at the 2004 International Fa Conference in New York)

Besides studying the Fa and sending righteous thoughts, as true practitioners, we must maintain a good environment for cultivation so that we can progress together with our fellow practitioners. At the same time, we must help our families understand the truth and treat them with compassion like a real practitioner should.