(Minghui.org) When my son was five months old, he was diagnosed with heart problems, bronchial asthma, pneumonia, and eczema. He was rushed to the hospital emergency room dozens of times in five years.

His care drained our savings and his condition didn’t improve. Left with no choice, I had my son listen to the Fa when he was five and practice Falun Dafa. Miraculously his conditions disappeared in three months. Master saved my son and since then he’s been a steadfast young practitioner.

Last May blisters burst out on his face, arms, hands and neck. They started to crack and fester. It was unbelievably itchy for him; the fluid that oozed out of the blisters smelled terrible. His condition worsened by the day. My son would scratch at the breakouts until the blood smeared all over the wound.

The summer in our area was hot and humid. We had no air conditioning at night, and my son could not fall asleep. I had to tie his hands up at night, only to find that he’d gotten loose and scratched himself all bloody the next morning.

His school work had fallen behind because of his condition and he did not seem to have free time to study the Fa and exercise. Instead of looking within for my attachments, I was worried sick and looked for practitioners to send righteous thoughts for him. The skin around my son’s arms festered even more, and he couldn’t straighten his elbows.

I talked to my son about prioritizing cultivation. Master says,

“To consummate, obtaining Buddha’s fruitLet hardship then be treated as your joyTo work the body—hardship it is notThe hardest is to cultivate the heartThrough barriers and barriers you must breakAnd here and there, the demons everywhereA hundred kinds of hardships fall at onceTo see if you are able to surviveWith all the hardship in the world you bearTranscend the world, a Buddha you will be”(“Tempering Your Will” in Hong Yin)

My son’s final exams were approaching and we studied the Fa each day before he did his homework. He often stayed up till midnight and had to wake up at 4 a.m. to exercise. His condition still did not improve.

I was confused and lost. Other practitioners suggested that I memorize the Fa and provided me with sharing articles trying to help me find my attachments. I eventually realized that we were trying to solve my son’s problems and focused only on them, instead of cultivating and eliminating human notions. That was why our efforts were not helping my son. I also learned that cultivation was a lot more serious than I thought it was.

During his summer break I took my son to work during the day and had him intensively study the Fa and send righteous thoughts. I installed an air conditioner at home even though we could barely afford it, so that he could escape the heat and calm down to study the Fa.

Through constant Fa study, we each found many attachments—hatred, fighting, seeking comfort, and impatience. We eliminated these attachments by sending righteous thoughts and with help from other practitioners.

We got it right this time and Master helped us through the tribulation. The oozing, festering ulcers on my son’s face and arms got better by the day and very quickly they closed up and began to scar and heal.

In 20 days my son was as good as new and his skin smooth and clean. We have yet again witnessed the extraordinary power of Falun Dafa. We thank Master for his compassionate salvation and also for practitioners’ selfless help.