(Minghui.org) Falun Dafa practitioners from the south of Sweden taught the Falun Dafa exercises to several school classes in the small, picturesque city of Bastad in May.

Bastad is well known for its professional tennis tournaments and is popular during the summer season, when many social and business events take place, attracting many of Sweden’s rich and famous.

The local high school sports teacher has an interest in Buddhism and meditation. After he met a practitioner, he decided to invite local practitioners to teach the Falun Dafa exercises to his first and second-year high school students.

The students, ages 17-18, were very motivated. The classes were held under the shade of the old trees between the ocean and tennis courts.

One of the girls told a practitioner before doing the exercises, “This is exactly what I have wanted to do.” A boy said he felt a lot of energy in his arms while doing the exercises. The teacher also participated and even had to take a short break during one of the exercises because he felt very strong energy in his body.

Many of the students could do the movements very well and could also sit in the full lotus position when they tried meditation for the first time.

The practitioners have been invited to teach the exercises to more classes at the local secondary school in Bastad in the next few weeks.