(Minghui.org) I have practiced Falun Dafa for more than 20 years. Before cultivating, I was severely ill. Falun Dafa’s miraculous powers cured my illnesses and I have been in perfect health since then. I would like to share a few of my experiences with several health conditions.

Recovering from Stroke in Three Days

Two months after starting cultivation practice, the corners of my eyes and mouth suddenly became slack. I had previously suffered a stroke in my teens and recognized this as a stroke symptom. In an attempt to monitor my condition, I developed a habit of frequently checking my reflection in the mirror. Although my belief in Dafa was strong, my condition continued to worsen over the next ten days.

Worried, my husband tried to persuade me to visit the hospital. However I reassured him that I would be fine, and told him that Dafa had healed those with even more severe conditions than mine.

The following day, while walking home from work with a fellow practitioner, I asked her opinion about my condition. Despite my strong faith in Dafa, my condition had yet to improve. This practitioner advised, “You need to let go of your attachment to this illness. Your condition would have been cured if you had done so earlier!” I was taken aback by this realization.

I resolved to let go of this attachment and stopped trying to monitor the progress of my condition in the mirror. That evening, while practicing the exercises, a miracle occurred. The acupressure points around my eyes and mouth began to twitch. Within three days, my stroke symptoms had vanished and I learned the importance of eliminating attachments.

Disappearance of Lumps on My Neck

One day, I discovered two bean-sized hard lumps on the left side of my neck. That evening, a fellow practitioner who worked at the local hospital visited our home. I asked her to examine the lumps and she instantly recommended that I consult a specialist. My worry grew upon hearing her pronouncement. I started wearing high collared clothes and began avoiding my reflection in the mirror.

Two days later, while studying the Fa, I realized that my condition was caused by my attachment to fear. This realization buoyed my spirits and strengthened my belief in Master and Dafa. That same day, while taking a bath, I realized that both lumps had vanished without a trace. I knew that my righteous thoughts had resulted in their removal by Master.

Facial Wart Removed with Ease

In February of this year, I discovered a wart while washing my face. The wart grew bigger over time until it was about the size of a rice grain. Touching the wart caused pain and it looked unsightly on my face. Friends advised me to visit the hospital and have it burnt off with a laser. However, the prospect of this treatment made me afraid and hesitant.

After a few days of worry, I mentally reprimanded myself. How could I have forgotten about the powers of Dafa!? I dropped the idea of getting laser treatment and asked Master for help. That night, I tried using my fingers to remove this wart. While squeezing the wart, I silently commanded it to fall off. In an instant, the wart dropped off without leaving a mark and my face regained its original smoothness.

Cultivating myself in Falun Dafa has resulted in amazing healing! I now enjoy good health thanks to Master Li and the Fa!