(Minghui.org) My wife and I went to help my brother-in-law harvest corn in the fall of 2016. Since the field was full of mud, we had to put the corn in a sack and carry them one at a time to the loading truck. The truck was almost full, and there were only two sacks left. I placed one of them on my brother-in-law’s shoulders and then swung the other over mine. The sack was so heavy that I was thrown off balance and fell down.

The fall resulted in two fractures on my left side. At the time I didn’t know about the fractures. I firmly believe in Falun Dafa and knew that there was not going to be a problem. I told myself that everything was fine. But I looked pale and I didn’t have much strength on the left side. When I went home in the afternoon, my wife had to give me a hand getting in and out of the car.

When we got to the city, my wife wanted me to go to the hospital, but I refused. I had pain everywhere, even when I moved slightly. I had problems going to the restroom without assistance. Again, my wife mentioned going to the hospital. She said I could just go to get an X-ray, and there would be no need to stay in the hospital or take medicine. I thought that maybe if I did go to the hospital, and they found no injury, that it would help validate Falun Dafa. So we went.

My sister-in-law was a radiologist. After the X-ray, she said I had two fractures and I needed to stay in the hospital. My wife said, “Stay in the hospital? I don’t think he will! For 21 years now he hasn’t taken any pills or had any injections. Sometimes he has struggled with pain now and then but he always refuses any treatment. He is very stubborn!”

My sister-in-law said, “You need to stay in the hospital for at least 21 days.” I replied with a determined tone, “Listen, in 10 days, I will come back for you to take another X-ray. My fractures will be healed.” She gave me a doubtful look.

After I got home, my wife told me I should eat this and that to help with healing, saying that they were not medicine. I refused. If I did eat them, when I recovered, would she say that they were what had cured me? Or was it because I practice Falun Dafa? How would I validate Dafa then?

From that day on, I did the Falun Dafa exercises diligently daily although it was challenging for me. I got up when the alarm went off. Then while enduring the pain, I slowly turned to the side, lowered my shoulder, curled up my leg, and used my hands and arms to push myself up. Then I slowly moved to the side of the bed and changed my clothes. I was all set to do the exercises. It was effective. I didn't feel tired at all. When I did the exercises I tried my very best to endure the pain and raise my arms as high as possible.

I persisted. During the day, I was busy with Dafa tasks, and at night, I did the exercises. By the eighth day, I could move around easily and hold things firmly with my left hand.

By the twelfth day, I walked by the hospital where my sister-in-law worked and let her examine me. She was very surprised. She asked, “What is your secret? I have diabetes and I need to give it a try.” I said, “The secret is to say 'Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.'” “It really works?” she asked. I replied, “Absolutely, as long as you say it with sincerity and believe it with all your heart.”

Since my sister-in-law said she wouldn't remember the words, I wrote them down for her. Then I talked to her about Dafa and suggested that she withdraw from the communist party. She agreed.

When my wife's former colleagues called and chatted with her, they all asked how I was doing. My wife said, “Well, he recovered in eight days without taking any medication! He looks perfectly healthy.” Her colleagues commented, “So, it looks like practicing Falun Gong is great!”