(Minghui.org) Two years ago, one day in early summer, I met another practitioner. I learned that he had started a small company. Now, he is a boss and is very busy. Seeing him so busy, I urged him to seize the time to cultivate after I finished my errand with him. At this time, he told me two things that had happened to him.

Below is my recollection of his sharing, written in the first person.


Since I am busy, I have neglected to study the Fa and do the exercises. One morning, I woke up and wanted to go to the bathroom, but I could not move or speak, and I got very anxious.

Then, I remembered that I did not have time to study the Fa, let alone do the exercises. I thought I might have come down with an illness, though I was not yet 40 years old. I felt extremely frustrated...

I suddenly thought of Master. Yes, I will cultivate diligently going forward, and I should seek help from Master. I asked Master to help me! After a while, I was able to speak, and various parts of my body slowly started functioning again. I vowed that I would attend Fa-study. But, I still have not gone there even once because I am so busy.

I had a vivid dream shortly after that. It could not be described as a dream actually; it was one of the things that my main consciousness experienced. When I had just gone to bed, I saw a large classroom where all Dafa practitioners were taking a graduation examination.

When everyone handed in their answer sheets, Master scored each one right then and there. I scored 50 points and failed because only those with 60 points and above could pass. I took the paper to Master. Master said, “Aren't you satisfied with 50 points?” I said, “No, I'm not convinced. I'm sincerely practicing. I don’t have any doubts about Dafa or Master. I firmly believe in Master and the Fa. Why do others get 80 to 90 points, but I only have 50 points?”

As Master's voice stopped, the shape of a human body appeared in front of me. One-third of the body was red, and one third was yellow. Master pointed to the red part and said, “Look, your lust is so enormous.” Master then pointed to the yellow part and said again, “Look, you are so attached to self-interest. Only one-third of the body was clear and cultivated well. Are 50 points too few for you?”

After Master finished talking, he left with practitioners who had reached the standard for consummation! They held their papers. The lowest scores were 80 to 90 points. Seeing Master take them away, I followed them and cried out, “Master, wait for me! Don't leave me! I know I didn't cultivate well. Now I'm convinced. I'm going to work hard in cultivation from now on. Please give me another chance!”

Master looked at me and did not speak. I followed them to the South Gate of Heaven. I clearly saw that there was indeed a South Gate of Heaven. There were two great guards who stood on each side, each holding a weapon. Master took the practitioners who had reached the standard through the Gate. When I tried to enter, the two gods who guarded the gate crossed their weapons in front of me.

Seeing Master departing with the disciples who had reached the standard, I cried and begged Master not to leave me. “I was mistaken. I will definitely cultivate myself well. Master, please wait for me...”

Master looked back at me. I cannot forget the expression in his eyes–it was full of unwillingness to leave me behind, full of pity... and even more, full of compassion! This look was like that of a father visiting his child in prison, clearly seeing his child suffering there but with no way to free him. Master took the disciples who had reached consummation to fly away, but I was left outside of the South Gate of Heaven.

I was distraught, cried, and regretted that I had not seized the opportunity to cultivate myself well. Now, everything was too late.

When I was crying hard in hopelessness and sadness, I woke up. I saw the pillow was wet, but I still wanted to cry! The feeling was so real! Fortunately, it was a dream. I have to seize the time to cultivate diligently. I can't miss this opportunity again. I will go to the Fa-study group this evening!

I was so shocked by this reality-like dream that I broke out in a cold sweat. I feel that cultivation is so serious! Master cannot do anything for those who fail to meet the standard of consummation. Master is saving people and also rectifying the principles of the universe. If Master took the impure ones into the new universe, then the new universe will also be polluted and impure!

Fortunately, we still have time. We will discipline ourselves and will not allow ourselves to slack off! Seize this last chance, and don't leave regrets when it's time for consummation! We should do better so that Master can feel relieved and less burdened.