(Minghui.org) One day, two practitioners came to my home to transfer equipment from a Dafa materials production workshop. I knew the man, but not the woman. My two-year-old son stood at the door and said, “Mom, hurry up! Help them!” I was surprised because my son was never happy for me to leave. He would sometimes cry when I set him down to help visitors.

I gave the practitioners each a glass of water after they finished moving the equipment. The woman conjoined her hands to thank me. She looked so kind. Thereafter, I addressed her as Aunt Shelley.

The two had not slept for two days and a night, having driven a long way to move the equipment to my home. I asked them to rest, but they insisted on studying the Fa and doing the exercises first. It was 12:30 a.m. when they finally got into their beds.

The next morning, they got up at 3:40 to do the exercises. They left around 11:00 p.m. to fetch more equipment, and they did not sleep all that night. They studied the Fa first thing after they returned the next day.

“I’ve never seen anyone who doesn’t sleep, yet I see it today,” I exclaimed as Aunt Shelley laughed.

Compared to them, I was super lazy, but I liked to show people that I was very busy. If I happened to stay up until 2:00 or 3:00 a.m., as I occasionally did, I would let everyone know about it, yet I would sleep in with my son until 9:00 a.m. the next day. For Aunt Shelley and the other practitioner, three hours of sleep seemed to be more than enough. Sometimes they would take just a short nap and say that they'd had enough sleep.

Broken Foot Restored

We shared our cultivation experiences after we studied the Fa together. I learned that Aunt Shelley could sit in the lotus position for five hours. The more pain she felt, the more still she sat.

Three of Aunt Shelley’s family members had been persecuted to death. She once ran from the police who were trying to arrest her, when a car hit her and broke her foot—her whole foot dangled from the ankle down. The police saw what happened and left the scene. A doctor said that Aunt Shelley had foot drop and that she would be crippled for life because there was no way to fix it.

Even though her foot was broken, Aunt Shelley still meditated in the lotus position. The pain was so intense that beads of sweat ran down her face. She heard the sound of her bones cracking, and afterward her foot had returned to normal—not disfigured in any way. It was the great Master of Falun Dafa who fixed her foot. The degree of righteous thoughts one possesses is the degree of mighty power Dafa will manifest.

Determined, Righteous, and Modest

Aunt Shelley was once tricked into going to a detention center. She was offered a ride home by the police, but when she got out of the car at a detention center, she shouted, “Didn’t you say you were going to drive me home? Why are we here? I won’t stay here.” The police did not say anything and pushed her inside. They handcuffed her, but Aunt Shelly was able to gently pull her left hand free.

Although she could have escaped, she thought it would be better to leave in a dignified and legal way. While awaiting a physical exam, she asked Master to create the illusion of illness so that the detention center wouldn't accept her. Master did evolve a very serious, life-threatening symptom for her, so the detention center doctor refused to admit her. But 610 Office officials flattered the doctor, offering bribes in exchange for admitting Aunt Shelley to the detention center.

The doctor said, “If someone dies here, who do you think will be held responsible? I refuse to admit her!”

Aunt Shelley was once detained in a brainwashing center and deprived of sleep for nine days and nights. Many of the practitioners detained there had been “transformed” as a result of the brainwashing tactics. Aunt Shelley talked with these practitioners, who then rescinded their “transformation.” The police decided that she had committed the crime of “reverse transformation” and resolved to persecute her. She went on a hunger strike for 28 days and they gave up.

Shelley found the chance to walk onto a stage during a meeting of over 2,000 people and speak of the goodness of Dafa. Some in the audience threatened to take her out and kill her if she went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Dafa. Shelley was not intimidated and did indeed go to Beijing to seek justice.

Shelley doesn't brag about herself and only talks about where she hasn't measured up to the standard of the Fa. She helps to polish other practitioner’s articles, but she has not written an article about herself.

Compared to her righteous thoughts, I feel ashamed of myself because I kept showing off even tiny things I had done. Actually, without Master’s strengthening and help from other practitioners, it would have been impossible for me to achieve any good results.

My Son and I Improve

My two-year-old son was very naughty and refused to listen to the Fa. I figured that it was because I was not diligent.

Aunt Shelley once held my son in her arms for three or four hours while she recited Master’s poems to him and read Dafa's weekly magazines to him. My son was well-behaved and smiled until the next morning.

On the fourth day that Shelley stayed in my home, my son jumped into her arms, kissed her, and followed along with her reciting the poems by repeating one line after another. I witnessed the change in my son and realized that I had to quickly improve my xinxing and cultivate myself well. Then I would be able to guide him well on the path of cultivating Dafa.

I am grateful that Master arranged for these two practitioners to stay with me. They taught me how to educate my son, how to value my time, and how to be diligent.