(Minghui.org) I am a cultivator whose celestial eye is open. One day, our local coordinator said Mei (alias) was experiencing a “sickness karma tribulation” and asked me to help by sending forth righteous thoughts. The next morning, after I finished the five sets of exercises, I started to send righteous thoughts for Mei.

I saw several long-haired rotten demons beating and kicking Mei. I sent righteous thoughts to stop it. A long-haired female demon in red clothes said that this had nothing to do with me and warned me not to meddle. I said we cannot ignore it when fellow practitioners are being persecuted, as we are one body.

The demons said: “You regard her as part of one body, but does she think of you the same way?”

I said, “We all cultivate Dafa, and we are all Master's practitioners. We cannot let you persecute her.”

I saw the rotten demons around Mei being eliminated one layer after another when fellow practitioners sent forth righteous thoughts for her. But Mei was passive and allowed them to persecute her. There were no righteous thoughts from her to stop the demons.

I sent righteous thoughts for her three days in a row but felt the effect was not good. After three days, my celestial eye could not see her situation anymore. In the past, when I sent righteous thoughts for practitioners in tribulations, I saw that their own righteous thoughts played a substantial role. If they did not have righteous thoughts, other practitioners' righteous thoughts could not enter their field but could only clean up the periphery.

I met the coordinator again ten days later and asked about Mei’s condition. The coordinator said Mei had passed away on the third day after she told me to send righteous thoughts. I asked if Mei had been practicing alone without joining group Fa study or truth-clarification activities. The coordinator confirmed it and said that practitioners must step forward and be in contact with fellow practitioners.

When one is in a difficult tribulation, others can help with righteous thoughts. For Mei, she failed to have righteous thoughts later in her tribulation and no longer knew how to cultivate.

I wrote this sharing to remind those who are cultivating alone to please step forward, form one body with fellow practitioners, and take the path that Master has arranged.